2008 Farrell Prize events

2008 Farrell Prize recipients Kronauer and BorbelyOn June 4th, 2008 Peter C. Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine recipient Richard E. Kronauer, PhD gave a special presentation of Sleep Grand Rounds: "Temporal Dynamics of Circadian Resetting by Light; No end of Surprises", and the sixth annual Division of Sleep Medicine Poster Session drew forty posters, and over 150 affiliated Faculty and Trainees and other visitors. That evening, 2008 Peter C. Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine recipient Alexander A. Borbély, MD made a second presentation: “Processes and mechanisms: Looking back on 40 years of sleep research”, to nearly 100 faculty and trainees of the Division at the sixth annual Farrell Prize Award Ceremony and Faculty Dinner.

This full day of events, held annually by the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine, brings together the Harvard sleep community of faculty, fellows and students to further the understanding and study of sleep, and the recognition of its importance as one of the three pillars of health. These events have helped to foster fruitful academic relationships among our faculty and trainees, and represent vital opportunities for gathering together the diverse Harvard Sleep community, drawing in new faculty and trainees, and strengthening interconnections among its many excellent programs of research.

View the photo gallery with images from the sixth annual Division of Sleep Medicine Poster Session, Faculty Reception and Dinner, and 2008 Farrell Prize Award ceremony.

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