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Reflecting its broad mission, the programs of the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine encompass several different areas.

Corporate Leadership Summit
May 16th and 17th 2013, the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine will host, by invitation only, a select group of leading American corporations in a summit, β€œAttacking the Sleep Conspiracy.”  Employees of participating corporations who have been invited by their corporations to complete the survey should click on this link Sleep Health Attitudes and Behavior Survey

Annual Events

The Division of Sleep Medicine sponsors several annual events, including:

Seminars and Lectures
The Division of Sleep Medicine sponsors seminars and courses each academic year including Sleep Grand Rounds – an open monthly research seminar also broadcast to several remote sites using videoconferencing technology, and the Introductory Sleep Course β€“a free and open course presented annually by the faculty of the Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology. In addition, many of our distinguished faculty present both regular and invited lectures across Harvard and around the world.

Sleep and Health Education Program
Meeting a compelling need for health care providers, health profession students and the general public to increase their knowledge concerning the importance of good quality sleep and sleep health.

Harvard Biomarkers of Sleepiness Conference
On September 21-22, 2010, the Division of Sleep Medicine convened a panel of experts in assessing sleepiness, genomics, proteomics and molecular biology from across the U.S. and Europe for a conference to discuss the research path for the identification of biomarkers for sleepiness. Participation was open to the research community, and there was no registration fee.

Training in Sleep
Offering education and training to address a nationally-recognized need to enhance the number of trained investigators and trainees in research related to 1) basic sleep and circadian neurobiology, 2) patient-oriented sleep disorders medicine research, and 3) applied and translational research on sleep and chronobiology.

Public Education
Building ground-breaking programs to demonstrate the importance of sleep to health and safety, and provide information and tools that empower positive health choices, particularly relating to long term health and disease, learning and productivity, and industrial and auto accident risk.

Public Policy Research
Supporting timely public policy-related research and creating opportunities to share what is known to enable policy makers to make evidence-based policy decisions.

Basic and Clinical Research
Creating an infrastructure, initiating interdisciplinary communication, and building self-awareness within the community of sleep faculty to support and help define the priorities of Basic and Clinical Research at Harvard.

Medical Education
Working to improve both the content of the medical curriculum, and the training of future physicians to increase sensitivity to the importance of sleep for health.
Clinical Practice
Find links to Harvard-affiliated clinical sleep practices.

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