Submitting an Individual NRSA Application

All Trainees in the Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology are required to prepare and submit an application for Individual NRSA or other individual support during their appointment to this training program. Post-doctoral trainees must submit their application for individual support within six months of the start-date of their appointment to this Program. Pre-doctoral trainees must submit their applications within 18 months of the start-date of their appointment to this Program. Trainees failing to submit an application within this time period will be disqualified from receiving further support from this Training Program.

If a trainee's application for individual funding is unsuccessful, they may still apply to renew their appointment to the Training Program, but will be expected to resubmit their application for individual support within six months of the start of their new appointment period.

Applications Guidance
The following guidelines and recommendations have been assembled based on the experience of many Post-doctoral trainees on this and other programs. They are intended to clarify the process and assist Trainees in this Training Program to successfully prepare their own Individual NRSA or other individual support applications.

  • Know the deadlines and begin preparation early. You will want to give others plenty of time to write recommendation letters and review your application. Individual NRSA grant deadlines are in April, August and December. See the schedule online at
  • Have others in your department review the scientific portion of your application for feedback.
  • Most departments require your lab director to approve your application before it goes to the Department Chair.
  • You will need to get signatures from your Department Chair and from your institution’s grants office prior to submission. This process can take several weeks.
  • Standard information, i.e., mentor information, facilities and resources, etc., is likely to be available somewhere – ask around so that you do not duplicate work.
  • Web forms for the Individual NRSA grants program are available online at
  • Information regarding Department of Defense (D.o.D.) Fellowships is available online at
  • File a copy of your grant application's cover and abstract with the Training Program Administrator after submission to the funding agency.

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