Trainee Profile

Nina Vujovic, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Division of Medical Sciences, Departments of Medicine and Neurology, Brigham and Women's Hospital

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Society Memberships

Society for Neuroscience, Society for Research on Biological Rhythms



Fall 2008- MCB 186 Circadian Biology: From Cellular Oscillators to Sleep Regulation, teaching fellow

Selected Publications

Vujovic N, Davidson AJ, Menaker M. Sympathetic input modulates, but does not determine, phase of peripheral circadian oscillators.
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2008 Apr 23. [PMID: 18434440]

Stornetta RL, Rosin DL, Simmons JR, McQuiston TJ, Vujovic N, Weston MC, Guyenet PG. Coexpression of vesicular glutamate transporter-3 and gamma-aminobutyric acidergic markers in rat rostral medullary raphe and intermediolateral cell column.
J Comp Neurol. 2005 Nov 28;492(4):477-94. [PMID: 16228993]

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