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C. Anaclet, PhD

Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Research Fellow, Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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Society Memberships

Sleep Research Society
Society for Neuroscience
American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Research Unit(s)

Fuller Lab, System Neurology group (Saper), Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

Research Interests

My research interests encompass several areas of sleep neurophysiology, from understanding how the brain sleeps to determining the importance of sleep in other physiological and neurological functions, such as cognition. Toward this goal, I have uncovered and characterized a sleep-promoting area in the medullary parafacial zone (PZ), and I have developed a related mouse model of slow-wave-sleep (SWS) enrichment.  On-going research projects include:

  1. Determining how SWS-active PZ neurons interact with other sleep- and wake-related brain circuits to control sleep-wake cycles.  It is my hope that this work will inform the development of newer therapeutic modalities for a multitude of sleep-wake disorders.
  2. Using my mouse model of SWS enrichment to study the specific contribution of SWS to other neurophysiological functions - in both health and disease - including, learning and memory, pain and metabolism.


Research Funding

NIMH (PI: Anaclet)
Medullary Circuitry Regulating Slow-Wave-Sleep
The goal of this project is to delineate the role of the medullary parafacial zone neuronal populations in electrocortical and neurobehavioral sleep.

Selected Publications

Anaclet C, Pedersen NP, Ferrari LL, Venner A, Bass CE, Arrigoni E, Fuller PM. Basal forebrain control of wakefulness and cortical rhythms. Nature Communications, 2015 Nov; 6:8744. DOI: 10.1038

Anaclet C, Ferrari L, Arrigoni E, Bass CE, Saper CB, Lu J, Fuller PM. The GABAergic parafacial zone is a medullary slow wave sleep-promoting center. Nat Neurosci. 2014 Sep;17(9):1217-24. [PMID: 25129078]

Gondard E, Anaclet C, Akaoka H, Guo RX, Zhang M, Buda C, Franco P, Kotani H, Lin JS. Enhanced histaminergic neurotransmission and sleep-wake alterations, a study in histamine H3-receptor knock-out mice.                                                        Neuropsychopharmacology. 2013 May;38(6):1015-31. [PMID: 23303066]

Anaclet C, Lin JS, Vetrivelan R, Krenzer M, Vong L, Fuller PM, Lu J. Identification and characterization of a sleep-active cell group in the rostral medullary brainstem.
J Neurosci. 2012 Dec 12;32(50):17970-6. [ PMID: 23238713]

Anaclet C, Zhang M, Zhao C, Buda C, Seugnet L, Lin JS. Effects of GF-015535-00, a novel α1 GABA A receptor ligand, on the sleep-wake cycle in mice, with reference to zolpidem.
Sleep. 2012 Jan 1;35(1):103-11. [ PMID: 22215924]

Krenzer M, Anaclet C, Vetrivelan R, Wang N, Vong L, Lowell BB, Fuller PM, Lu J. Brainstem and spinal cord circuitry regulating REM sleep and muscle atonia.
PLoS One. 2011;6(10):e24998. [ PMID: 22043278]

Sakai K, Takahashi K, Anaclet C, Lin JS. Sleep-waking discharge of ventral tuberomammillary neurons in wild-type and histidine decarboxylase knock-out mice.
Front Behav Neurosci. 2010 Oct 20;4:53. [PMID: 21060718]

Anaclet C, Pedersen NP, Fuller PM, Lu J. Brainstem circuitry regulating phasic activation of trigeminal motoneurons during REM sleep.
PLoS One. 2010 Jan 20;5(1):e8788. [ PMID: 20098748]

Anaclet C, Parmentier R, Ouk K, Guidon G, Buda C, Sastre JP, Akaoka H, Sergeeva OA, Yanagisawa M, Ohtsu H, Franco P, Haas HL, Lin JS. Orexin/hypocretin  and histamine: distinct roles in the control of wakefulness demonstrated using knock-out mouse models.
J Neurosci. 2009 Nov 18;29(46):14423-38. [ PMID: 19923277]

Guo RX, Anaclet C, Roberts JC, Parmentier R, Zhang M, Guidon G, Buda C, Sastre JP, Feng JQ, Franco P, Brown SH, Upton N, Medhurst AD, Lin JS. Differential effects of acute and repeat dosing with the H3 antagonist GSK189254 on the sleep-wake cycle and narcoleptic episodes in Ox-/- mice.
Br J Pharmacol. 2009 May;157(1):104-17. [ PMID: 19413575]

Lin JS, Dauvilliers Y, Arnulf I, Bastuji H, Anaclet C, Parmentier R, Kocher L, Yanagisawa M, Lehert P, Ligneau X, Perrin D, Robert P, Roux M, Lecomte JM, Schwartz JC. An inverse agonist of the histamine H(3) receptor improves wakefulness in narcolepsy: studies in orexin-/- mice and patients.
Neurobiol Dis. 2008 Apr;30(1):74-83 [PMID: 18295497]

Ligneau X, Landais L, Perrin D, Piriou J, Uguen M, Denis E, Robert P, Parmentier R, Anaclet C, Lin JS, Burban A, Arrang JM, Schwartz JC. Brain histamine and schizophrenia: potential therapeutic applications of H3-receptor inverse agonists studied with BF2.649.
Biochem Pharmacol. 2007 Apr 15;73(8):1215-24. [PMID: 17343831]

Parmentier R, Anaclet C, Guhennec C, Brousseau E, Bricout D, Giboulot T, Bozyczko-Coyne D, Spiegel K, Ohtsu H, Williams M, Lin JS. The brain H3-receptor as a novel therapeutic target for vigilance and sleep-wake disorders.
Biochem Pharmacol. 2007 Apr 15;73(8):1157-71. [PMID: 17288995]

Brabant C, Quertemont E, Anaclet C, Lin JS, Ohtsu H, Tirelli E. The psychostimulant and rewarding effects of cocaine in histidine decarboxylase knockout mice do not support the hypothesis of an inhibitory function of histamine on reward.
Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2007 Feb;190(2):251-63. [PMID: 17072589]

Ligneau X, Perrin D, Landais L, Camelin JC, Calmels TP, Berrebi-Bertrand I, Lecomte JM, Parmentier R, Anaclet C, Lin JS, Bertaina-Anglade V, la Rochelle CD,  d'Aniello F, Rouleau A, Gbahou F, Arrang JM, Ganellin CR, Stark H, Schunack W, Schwartz JC. BF2.649 [1-{3-[3-(4-Chlorophenyl)propoxy]propyl}piperidine, hydrochloride], a nonimidazole inverse agonist/antagonist at the human histamine H3 receptor: Preclinical pharmacology.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2007 Jan;320(1):365-75. [PMID: 17005916]

Reviews, Books & Chapters

Lin JS, Anaclet C, Sergeeva OA, Haas HL. The waking brain: an update.
Cell Mol Life Sci. 2011 Aug;68(15):2499-512. Review.  [PMID: 21318261]

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