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Jo M. Solet, MS, EdM, PhD, OTR/L

Jo M. Solet, MS, EdM, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Cambridge Health Alliance
Appointing Department: Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance

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Private Office:
15 Berkeley Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Inter-office Mail Address

Department of Medicine
Cambridge Hospital
1493 Cambridge St
Cambridge MA 02139

Research Unit(s)

Division of Sleep Medicine

Research Interests

Trained as a clinician, educator, and researcher, Dr. Solet has focused on adaptation to injury, illness, and disability. Recognizing that the physical context may enhance functioning, Dr. Solet served as principal investigator of a 3 stage lab-based research project, in collaboration with Division of Sleep Medicine colleagues at Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s and Massachusetts General Hospital. This project joined evidence-based medicine with evidence-based design to study effects of hospital sounds on sleep disruption. This unique interdisciplinary project drew on behavioral medicine, acoustical engineering, and sleep neuroscience, informing the 2010 and 2014 decision-making cycles for the official Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities.
These Guidelines, which become law in the majority of states, now include minimum acoustics performance standards to protect sleep and privacy and to improve healthcare quality. Dr. Solet serves as a voting member of the Guidelines Committee. Dr. Solet also participated in a parallel project studying the effects of changing hospital night care routines to prevent sleep disruption and improve patient outcomes.  Dr. Solet enjoys working with graduate students on innovative consumer sleep health technology projects. Dr. Solet is a co-editor of the CHA arts and literary magazine, Auscultations and served as the elected Faculty Chair of the HMS/HSDM Joint Committee on the Status of Women. She remains deeply committed to the full participation of women and minorities in science and medicine.


Trainees and Mentees

Behavioral Medicine, Cambridge Health Alliance

Jeane Strassberger, 1996
Gerri Sweder (dissertation reader), 1997
Masaru Horikoshi, 1998
Satya Bellerose, 1999
Naomi Dogan, 2001
Paul Goldberg, 2002
Rebecca Rosenblum, 2003
Oded Ben-Arush, 2004
Sara Acker, 2005
Ricardo Bianco, 2006
Kathryn Dingman, 2007
Joseph D. Calabrese, 2008
Stephanie Power, 2009
Annie McCue, 2009
Mary Quinn, 2009


Julia Hu, 2010-2011 (MIT)
Dharmishta Rood, 2012-2013 HU FAS
Justin Lee 2013-2014 MIT/HMS


Edith Kaplan, PhD
David McClelland, PhD
Tayabba Hasan, PhD
Ernest Hartmann, MD

Research Funding

2007-2008 Academy of Architecture for Health (AAHF)
PI, Title: Evidence-based design meets evidence-based medicine: Validating new acoustic guidelines for healthcare facilities using a collaborative and trans-disciplinary approach for improving patient outcomes.

2007-2008 Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI)
PI, Title: Evidence-based design meets evidence-based medicine: Human studies for validating new acoustic guidelines for healthcare facilities using a collaborative and trans-disciplinary approach for improving patient outcomes.

2007-2010 The Center for Health Design (CHD) with the Coalition for Health Environments Research (CHER)
PI, Title: Evidence-based design meets evidence-based medicine: Human studies for validating new acoustic guidelines for healthcare facilities using a collaborative and trans-disciplinary approach for improving patient outcomes.


2010 Sleep Rocks: Community Wellness Program at MIT

2010 “Gender and Grant Parity: Lessons from HMS and Affiliated Hospitals," for Scholars in Clinical Science Program: HMS SCSP Longitudinal Seminar

2010  “Evidence-Based Medicine Meets Evidence- Based Design: The Sound Sleep Study,” Health Care Design, Las Vegas Nevada

2010 “Patient Narratives: Coping with Illness and Injury”
New England Rehabilitation Hospital

2011  “Understanding Sleep “
Program for Cambridge Public Schools teachers and staff, Tobin School

2012  “Your Child’s Sleep”
Program for parents of Cambridge Public School children, Tobin School.

2012  “The Case for Staff Nap Rooms in Hospitals”. Facilities Guidelines Institute, Health Care Guidelines Revision Committee, San Antonio, Texas

2011 and 2012 "Sleep Tips and Fatigue Management for Doctors in Training"
Orientation Program, Cambridge Health Alliance

2012 “ Catching Up on Sleep”
Grand Rounds, Tufts University Medical School, Dept. of Family Medicine,
Cambridge Health Alliance.

2012    Presentation: Night Life: Secrets of Sleep Revealed, for Greater Boston Sjogren’s Syndrome Support Group
at Tufts New England Medical Center

2013    Good-Night Moon: Helping Children Sleep, Rounds Presentation, Brookline Community Mental Health Center, Brookline, MA

2013    Keynote Address: The Science of Sleep, Co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health with the Massachusetts
CFIDS/ME & FM Association
See: http://www.masscfids.org/news-a-events/498-dr-jo-solet-spring-2013-lecture-video-posted

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Research
Marino M, Li Y, Rueschman MN, Winkelman JW, Ellenbogen JM, Solet JM, Dulin H, Berkman LF, Buxton OM. Measuring sleep: accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of wrist actigraphy compared to polysomnography.
Sleep. 2013 Nov 1;36(11):1747-55. [PMID: 24179309; PMCID: PMC3792393]
Buxton OM*, Ellenbogen JM*, Wang W, Carballeira A, O'Connor S, Cooper D, Gordhandas AJ, McKinney SM, Solet JM. Sleep Disruption Due to Hospital Noises: A Prospective Evaluation.
Ann Intern Med. 2012 Jun 11. [PMID: 22688839]
*Drs. Buxton and Ellenbogen contributed equally to this manuscript.

Solet JM, Barach, PR. Managing Alarm Fatigue in Cardiac Care.
Progress in Pediatric Cardiology. 2012 33:85-90.

McKinney SM, Dang-Vu TT, Buxton OM, Solet JM, Ellenbogen JM. Covert waking brain activity reveals instantaneous sleep depth.
PLoS One. 2011 Mar 3;6(3):e17351. [PMID: 21408616]

Dang-Vu TT, McKinney SM, Buxton OM, Solet JM, Ellenbogen JM.  Spontaneous brain rhythms predict sleep stability in the face of noise.
Curr Biol. 2010 Aug 10;20(15):R626-R627. [PMID: 2069260]

Bartick MC, Thai X, Schmidt T, Altaye A, Solet JM. Decrease in as-needed sedative use by limiting nighttime sleep disruptions from hospital staff.
J Hosp  Med. 2009 Sep 18. [Epub ahead of print] [PMID: 19768797] Mar 2010 [print]

Waisbren SE, Bowles H, Hasan T, Zou KH, Emans SJ, Goldberg C, Gould S, Levine  D, Lieberman E, Loeken M, Longtine J, Nadelson C, Patenaude AF, Quinn D, Randolph AG, Solet JM, Ullrich N, Walensky R, Weitzman P, Christou H. Gender differences in research grant applications and funding outcomes for medical school faculty.
J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2008 Mar;17(2):207-14. [PMID: 18321172]

Brendel DH, Florman J, Roberts S, Solet JM. "In sleep I almost never grope": blindness, neuropsychiatric deficits, and a chaotic upbringing.
Harv Rev Psychiatry. 2001 Jul-Aug;9(4):178-88. [PMID: 1141054]

Book Chapters and Reports

Solet, JM, Committee Member/Contributor for: Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities - 2014 Edition, Chicago, IL: Facilities Guidelines Institute with US Department of Health and Human Services.

Solet JM. Chapter 51: Sleep and Rest
In: Crepeau EB, Cohn, ES,Schell, BAB, Gillen, G. editors. Willard and Spackman’s Occupational therapy. Baltimore: Lippencott Williams and Wilkins. 12th Ed. In press.

Solet JM.  Chapter 35: Personal and social adaptation.
In: Trombly C, Radomski M, editors. Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction.  Baltimore:  Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2002 (7th Ed. 2013)

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