Faculty Profile

John W. Winkelman, MD, PhD

Professor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Associate Physician, Sleep Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

Administrative Title(s)

Chief, Sleep Disorders Clinical Research Program
Department of Psychiatry
Massachusetts General Hospital

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1 Bowdoin Square, 9th floor
Boston, MA 02114

Phone 617-643-9101
Fax 617-783-1458

Society Memberships

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Brief Biosketch
Dr. Winkelman received his PhD in Psychobiology from Harvard University, an MD from Harvard Medical School and then completed both a residency in Psychiatry and a fellowship in Sleep Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. He was Medical Director of the Sleep Program at McLean Hospital and subsequently Medical Director of the sleep laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  He is currently a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and chief of the Sleep Disorders Clinical Research Program in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Research and Publication Contributions
Dr. Winkelman's research has primarily focused in two areas: 1) epidemiology, physiology, cardiovascular consequences and treatment of restless legs syndrome, and 2) neurobiology and treatment of insomnia. He has lectured in and directed post-graduate medical education courses in sleep disorders nationally and internationally. Dr. Winkelman serves on the editorial boards of Sleep Medicine and CNS Drugs. He has published more than 150 articles, reviews and book chapters and is also the editor of the textbook Foundations of Psychiatric Sleep Medicine, Cambridge University Press (2011).

Research Funding

GlaxoSmithKline, UCB Pharma, NIMH

Selected Publications

Original Articles

Yang MS, Montplaisir J, Desautels A, Winkelman JW, Cramer Bornemann MA, Earley CJ, Allen RP. Valid measures of periodic leg movements (PLMs) during a suggested immobilization test using the PAM-RL leg activity monitors require adjusting detection parameters for noise and signal in each recording.
Sleep Med. 2014 Jan;15(1):132-7. [PMID:24332046]

Li Y, Zhang X, Winkelman JW, Redline S, Hu FB, Stampfer M, Ma J, Gao X. The Association between Insomnia Symptoms and Mortality: A Prospective Study of US Men.
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Reviews, Chapters, and Editorials

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Clinical Communications

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