Faculty Profile

Thomas E. Scammell, MD

TScammell 201810
Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Physician, Professor, Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Physician, Professor, Department of Neurobiology, Children's Hospital Boston

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Inter-office Mail Address

Center for Life Sciences, Room 705

Phone 617-667-3237

Society Memberships

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Sleep Research Society
Society for Neuroscience
American Neurological Association

Research Unit(s)

Systems Neurobiology Group (Scammell), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the neurobiology of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is caused by destruction of the hypothalamic neurons that make the neuropeptides orexin/hypocretin. Using optogenetics, chemogenetics, conditional tracing and photometry,  we are now identifying the critical pathways through which orexins promotes wakefulness and suppresses cataplexy. We also are studying the interactions of sleep with traumatic brain injury and pain. Through these experiments, we hope to gain a detailed understanding of the neurobiology of orexins and other brain pathways that will result in highly effective therapies for patients with narcolepsy and enhance our knowledge of sleep.


Emily Ko, MD, 1999-2000
Thomas Jhou (Chou), PhD, 2000-2002
Scott P. Grady, MD, PhD, 2001-2002
Takatoshi Mochizuki, PhD, 2001-2006
Rodrigo A. España, PhD, 2003-2005
Kyoko Yoshida, PhD, 2003-2005
Agnieszka M. Janisiewicz, 2005-2005
Sandor Kantor, PhD, 2005-2009
Cecilia Diniz-Behn, PhD, 2006-2007
Christian R. Bauman, MD, 2007-2008
Chloe Alexandre, PhD, 2007-2017
Alisha Ling, BS, 2010-2011
Christian Burgess, BS, 2010-2012
Philipp Valko, MD, 2010-2012
Yo Oishi, PhD, 2010-2015
Joel Geerling, 2013-2017
Daniel Kroeger, PhD, 2011-present
Carrie Mahoney, PhD, 2012-present
Alissa Coffey, PhD, 2018-present

Research Funding

Ongoing Research Support:

NIH/NHLBI P01 HL095491      03/1/15-02/29/20
“Mechanisms of Arousal in Sleep Apnea: Project 2”
The major goal of this project is to define the neural mechanisms through which specific types of LDT/PPT neurons promote wakefulness, cortical activation, and arousals in a mouse model of OSA. The results of these experiments should substantially improve our scientific knowledge of the neural mechanisms that generate wakefulness and arousals due to hypercapnia, and ultimately lead to better treatments for obstructive sleep apnea.
Role: PI on Project 2

NIH/NINDS R21 NS099787    9/6/16-8/31/18
“Cellular Autoimmune Mechanisms of Narcolepsy”
The major goal of this project is to identify specific T cell population that may contribute to the development of narcolepsy.
Role: Site investigator
Foundation for Prader-Willi Research 12/1/16-2/23/18
“Mechanisms of Sleepiness and Other Sleep Disorders in a Mouse Model of PWS-Year 2”
The major goal of this project is to examine the interaction of orexin and oxytocin signaling in sleepiness using a mouse model of Prader-Willi Syndrome.
Role: PI

Merck Research Labs 9/1/17-8/31/19   
“Testing and Validation of a Novel Treatment for Narcolepsy”
The major goal of this project is to test a new Merck compound in a mouse model of narcolepsy to determine if it improves sleepiness and cataplexy.
Role: Co-PI

NIH NINDS R01 NS104497 9/1/17-8/31/19
“Circadian and Sleep Programming in Angelman Syndrome Mouse”
The major goal of this subcontract is to define the sleep phenotype in different models of Angelman Syndrome.
Role: Collaborator

NIH/NINDS R01 NS089649 4/1/18-3/31/23
“Mechanisms of Cataplexy”
The major goal of this project is to define the brain mechanisms through which emotions trigger paralysis in narcolepsy. More broadly, these findings will provide a better understanding of what normally regulates muscle tone during sleep and why this paralysis fails in REM sleep behavior disorder.
Role: PI

Takeda     9/1/17-8/31/19
“Measuring Orexin Tone In Vivo”
The major goal of this project is to develop a new method for measuring orexin tone in awake, moving animals, and to validate this method using orexins and orexin agonists. 
Role: Co-PI

American Sleep Medicine Foundation 3/1/18-2/29/19
“Mechanisms of Cataplexy”
The major goal of this project is to gather additional pilot data to support re-submission of an R01 grant investigating how neurons in the central amygdala regulate cataplexy. 
Role: PI


2018: 7th International Symposium on Narcolepsy
2000-present: Neurophysiology sleep and sleep disorders in Biology 186, Harvard College
2012- present: Neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness in HST 130, Harvard Medical School

2007CSB Distinguished Visiting Neuroscientist, University of Toronto
2009Invited Special Lecture, Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep     Societies
2010Elected Alumnus Member, Alpha Omega Alpha
2013Researcher of the Year Award, Narcolepsy Network
2015Sleep Science Award, American Academy of Neurology
2016, 2017
Top Doctor, Boston Magazine

Selected Publications

Original Articles

Svetnik V, Snyder ES, Tao P, Scammell TE, Roth T, Lines C, Herring WJ. Insight Into Reduction of Wakefulness by Suvorexant in Patients With Insomnia: Analysis of Wake Bouts. Sleep. 2018;41(1). PMID:29112763.

Imbach LL, Sommerauer M, Poryazova R, Werth E, Valko PO, Scammell TE, Baumann CR. Bradysomnia in Parkinson's disease. Clin Neurophysiol. 2016
Feb;127(2):1403-1409. PMID: 26419612.

Oishi Y, Yoshida K, Scammell TE, Urade Y, Lazarus M, Saper CB. The roles of prostaglandin E2 and D2 in lipopolysaccharide-mediated changes in sleep. Brain Behav Immun. 2015;47:172-7. PMID: 25532785

Valko PO, Gavrilov YV, Yamamoto M, Finn K, Reddy H, Haybaeck J, Weis S, Scammell TE, Baumann CR. Damage to histaminergic tuberomammillary neurons and other hypothalamic neurons with traumatic brain injury. Ann Neurol. 2015 Jan;77(1):177-82. PMID:25363332.

Bastianini S, Berteotti C, Gabrielli A, Del Vecchio F, Amici R, Alexandre C, Scammell TE, Gazea M, Kimura M, Lo Martire V, Silvani A, Zoccoli G. SCOPRISM: a new algorithm for automatic sleep scoring in mice. J Neurosci Methods. 2014;235:277-84. PMID:25092499

Branch AF, Navidi W, Tabuchi S, Terao A, Yamanaka A, Scammell TE, Diniz Behn C. Progressive Loss of the Orexin Neurons Reveals Dual Effects on Wakefulness. Sleep. 2016;39(2):369-77. PMC4712398

Bonsall DR, Kim H, Tocci C, Ndiaye A, Petronzio A, McKay-Corkum G, Molyneux PC, Scammell TE, Harrington ME. Suppression of Locomotor Activity in Female C57Bl/6J Mice Treated with Interleukin-1β: Investigating a Method for the Study of Fatigue in Laboratory Animals. PLoS One. 2015 Oct 15;10(10):e0140678. PMCID: PMC4607158

Geerling JC, Kim M, Mahoney CE, Abbott SB, Agostinelli LJ, Garfield AS,
Krashes MJ, Lowell BB, Scammell TE. Genetic identity of thermosensory relay neurons in the lateral parabrachial nucleus. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2016 Jan 1;310(1):R41-54. PMC4747895

Ferrari LL, Agostinelli LJ, Krashes MJ, Lowell BB, Scammell TE, Arrigoni E. Dynorphin inhibits basal forebrain cholinergic neurons by pre- and postsynaptic mechanisms. J Physiol. 2016 Feb 15;594(4):1069-85. PMC4753266

Perez MV, Pavlovic A, Shang C, Wheeler MT, Miller CL, Liu J, Dewey FE, Pan S,Thanaporn PK, Absher D, Brandimarto J, Salisbury H, Chan K, Mukherjee R,Konadhode RP, Myers RM, Sedehi D, Scammell TE, Quertermous T, Cappola T, Ashley EA. Systems Genomics Identifies a Key Role for Hypocretin/Orexin Receptor-2 in Human Heart Failure. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015 Dec 8;66(22):2522-33. PMID: 26653627

Gavrilov YV, Ellison BA, Yamamoto M, Reddy H, Haybaeck J, Mignot E, Baumann CR, Scammell TE, Valko PO. Disrupted Sleep in Narcolepsy: Exploring the Integrity of Galanin Neurons in the Ventrolateral Preoptic Area. Sleep. 2016 May 1;39(5):1059-62.PMC4835304

Valko PO, Gavrilov YV, Yamamoto M, Noaín D, Reddy H, Haybaeck J, Weis S,
Baumann CR, Scammell TE. Damage to Arousal-Promoting Brainstem Neurons with Traumatic Brain Injury. Sleep. 2016 Jun 1;39(6):1249-52. PMC4863213

Garfield AS, Shah BP, Burgess CR, Li MM, Li C, Steger JS, Madara JC, Campbell JN, Kroeger D, Scammell TE, Tannous BA, Myers MG Jr, Andermann ML, Krashes MJ, Lowell BB. Dynamic GABAergic afferent modulation of AgRP neurons. Nat Neurosci. 2016 Dec;19(12):1628-1635. PMC5382799

Agostinelli LJ, Ferrari LL, Mahoney CE, Mochizuki T, Lowell BB, Arrigoni E, Scammell TE. Descending projections from the basal forebrain to the orexin neurons in mice. J Comp Neurol. 2017 May 1;525(7):1668-1684. PMC5806522

Maski K, Steinhart E, Williams D, Scammell T, Flygare J, McCleary K, Gow M. Listening to the Patient Voice in Narcolepsy: Diagnostic Delay, Disease Burden, and Treatment Efficacy. J Clin Sleep Med. 2017 Mar 15;13(3):419-425. PMC5337589

Peng YJ, Zhang X, Gridina A, Chupikova I, McCormick DL, Thomas RJ, Scammell TE, Kim G, Vasavda C, Nanduri J, Kumar GK, Semenza GL, Snyder SH, Prabhakar NR. Complementary roles of gasotransmitters CO and H2S in sleep apnea. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Feb 7;114(6):1413-1418. PMC5307452

Mahoney CE, Agostinelli LJ, Brooks JN, Lowell BB, Scammell TE. GABAergic
Neurons of the Central Amygdala Promote Cataplexy. J Neurosci. 2017 Apr
12;37(15):3995-4006. PMC5391681

Alexandre C, Latremoliere A, Ferreira A, Miracca G, Yamamoto M, Scammell TE, Woolf CJ. Decreased alertness due to sleep loss increases pain sensitivity in mice. Nat Med. 2017 Jun;23(6):768-774. PMC5798598

Schoch SF, Werth E, Poryazova R, Scammell TE, Baumann CR, Imbach LL.
Dysregulation of Sleep Behavioral States in Narcolepsy. Sleep. 2017 Dec 1;40(12). PMID: 29029348

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