Faculty Profile

Richard A. Ferber, MD

Richard A. Ferber, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Senior Associate in Neurology, Department of Neurology, Children's Hospital Boston

Administrative Title(s)

Director, Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders, Children’s Hospital, Boston

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Children’s Hospital Boston, Neurophysiology, Fegan 9
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 2115

Inter-office Mail Address

Neurophysiology, Fegan 9
Children's Hospital

Phone 617-355-6663
Phone 617-355-6242 (lab scheduling)
Fax 617-730-0463

Society Memberships

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Board of Sleep Medicine
National Sleep Foundation

Selected Publications

Lipton J, Megerian JT, Kothare SV, Cho YJ, Shanahan T, Chart H, Ferber R, Adler-Golden L, Cohen LE, Czeisler CA, Pomeroy SL. Melatonin deficiency and disrupted circadian rhythms in pediatric survivors of craniopharyngioma.
Neurology. 2009 Jul 28;73(4):323-5. [PMID: 19636054]

The International Paediatric Work Group on Arousals.  The scoring of arousals in healthy term infants (between the ages of 1 and 6 months).
J Sleep Res. 2005 Mar;14(1):37-41. Review. [PMID: 15743332]

Sheldon, Stephen H; Ferber, Richard; Kryger, Meir H. Principles and practice of pediatric sleep medicine [Philadelphia] : Elsevier Saunders, c2005. NLM ID: 101247189 [Book]

Chesson AL Jr, Ferber RA, Fry JM, Grigg-Damberger M, Hartse KM, Hurwitz TD, Johnson S, Kader GA, Littner M, Rosen G, Sangal RB, Schmidt-Nowara W, Sher A. The indications for polysomnography and related procedures.
Sleep. 1997 Jun;20(6):423-87. Review. [PMID: 9302726]

Ferber R, Millman R, Coppola M, Fleetham J, Murray CF, Iber C, McCall V, Nino-Murcia G, Pressman M, Sanders M, et al. Portable recording in the assessment of obstructive sleep apnea. ASDA standards of practice.
Sleep. 1994 Jun;17(4):378-92. Review. [PMID: 7973323]

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