Faculty Profile

Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD

Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD
Warren M. Zapol Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
Anesthetist, Department of Anesthesia, Massachusetts General Hospital

Administrative Title(s)

Director, Neuroscience Statistics Research Laboratory, Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital

Other Affiliation(s)

Professor of Computational Neuroscience
Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Research Unit(s)

Neuroscience Statistics Research Laboratory, Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital

Research Interests

Neural Signal Processing Algorithms
Recent technological and experimental advances in the capabilities to record signals from neural systems have led to an unprecedented increase in the types and volume of data collected in neuroscience experiments and hence, in the need for appropriate techniques to analyze them. Therefore, using combinations of likelihood, Bayesian, state-space, time-series and point process approaches, a primary focus of the research in my laboratory is the development of statistical methods and signal-processing algorithms for neuroscience data analysis.

We have used our methods to:
  • characterize how hippocampal neurons represent spatial information in their ensemble firing patterns.
  • analyze formation of spatial receptive fields in the hippocampus during learning of novel environments.
  • relate changes in hippocampal neural activity to changes in performance during procedural learning.
  • improve signal extraction from fMR imaging time-series.
  • characterize the spiking properties of neurons in primary motor cortex.
  • localize dynamically sources of neural activity in the brain from EEG and MEG recordings made during cognitive, motor and somatosensory tasks.
  • measure the period of the circadian pacemaker (human biological clock) and its sensitivity to light.
  • characterize the dynamics of human heart beats in physiological and pathological states.

Understanding General Anesthesia
General anesthesia is a neurophysiological state in which a patient is rendered unconscious, insensitive to pain, amnestic, and immobile, while being maintained physiologically stable. General anesthesia has been administered in the U.S. for nearly 160 years and currently, more than 50,000 people receive anesthesia daily in this country for surgery alone. Still, the mechanism by which an anesthetic drug induces general anesthesia remains a medical mystery. A new research direction in my laboratory is to use a systems neuroscience approach to study how the state of general anesthesia is induced and maintained. To do so, we are using fMRI, EEG, neurophysiological recordings, microdialysis methods and mathematical modeling in interdisciplinary collaborations with investigators in BCS, the MIT/Harvard Division of Health Science and Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University. The long-term goal of this research is to establish a neurophysiological definition of anesthesia, safer, site-specific anesthetic drugs and to develop better neurophysiologically-based methods for measuring depth of anesthesia.


Undergraduate Students
Yong Choe 1994-1995
Alex McCollom, 1993-1997
Dengda Tang, 1996-1997
David P. Nguyen, 1998-1999
Gabriel Rosenburg, 2000-2001
September Winslow, 2000-2003
Abdul Rasheed Alabi, 2003-2004
Nicholas Cetrullo, 2003
Danielle Dray, 2004
Camilo Lamus, 2004-2007
Diana M. Aversa, 2005
Andre Plair, 2005
Portia Taylor, 2006
Shadi Akiki, 2007
Vivek Reddy, 2007
Amanda Martori, 2008
Jen Gong, 2010
Henry Zheng, 2010
Nevin Raj, 2010
Sarah Svirsky, 2010
Shu Zheng, 2010-present

Masters Students
Esosa O. Amayo, 2003-2006    
Neil U. Desai, 2004-2005    

Ph.D. Students
Patricia Meehan, 1992-1993
Loren M. Frank, 1995-2000    
Patrick Purdon, 1998-2005    
Irmarie Reyes, 1998-2000
David P. Nguyn, 1999-2001
Sujith Vijayan, 2001-2007  
Uri Eden, 2000-2005
Cecilia Behn, 2002-2006    
Lakshminarayan Srinivasan, 2004-2006     
Michelle McCarthy, 2002-2007   
Anna Dreyer, 2005-2008  
Antonio Molins, 2006-2010
Stuart P. Layton, 2007-2008
Pavitra Krishnaswamy, 2008-2010
Vincent Cheung, 2001-present
Dennis Dean, 2005-present
Patrick Stokes, 2007-present
Camilo Lamus, 2007-present    
Veronica S. Weiner, 2007-present
Iahn Cajigas, 2007-present
Demba E. Ba, 2008-present
Deriba Olana, 2008-present
Rose Faghih, 2008-present
Maryam Modir Shanechi, 2008-present
Laura D. Lewis, 2009-present
Neal Dach, 2010-present

Post-Doctoral Fellows
Ao Yuan, 1997-1999    
Riccardo Barbieri, 1998-2000    
Harry P.  Luithardt, 1998-2000    
Anne C. Smith, 1999-2004    
Loren M. Frank, 2000-2003    
Catherine Mullaly, 2000-2003    
Christopher Long, 2001-2006    
Joao Scalon, 2003-2004    
Murat Okatan, 2003-2007    
Supratim Saha, 2003-2008    
Gabriela Czanner, 2004-2007    
Robert Haslinger, 2004-2007    
Uri Eden, 2005-2006    
Todd Coleman, 2005-2006    
Simona Temereanca, 2005-2008    
Srideva Sarma, 2006-2009    
Gordon Pipa, 2007-2008
David P. Nguyen, 2008-2010
SangGyun Kim, 2009-2010
David F. Putrino, 2009-2010
Zhe Chen, 2007-present
Aylin Cimenser, 2008-present
Kevin Wong , 2008-present
Francisco J. Flores, 2008-present
Wasim Q. Malik, 2008-present
Christa J. Van Dort, 2008-2011
ShiNung Ching, 2009-present
Eric Plourde, 2009-present
Hideaki Shimazaki, 2009-present

Research Funding

1 DP1 OD003646-04 (PI: Brown)    09/30/07 – 07/31/12
A Systems Neuroscience Approach for the Study of General Anesthesia
The major goal is to use a systems neuroscience paradigm to establish an interdisciplinary program to solve the mystery of general anesthesia.

1 R01 EB006385-01-A1 (PI: Boas)    09/20/07 – 06/30/12
Dynamic Inverse Solutions for Multimodal Imaging.
The major goal of this project is to develop a unified framework for multimodal imaging by using anatomic, biophysical and physiological information to construct meaningful state-space models.
R01 HD059852 (PI: Williams)   04/1/09-03/30/14
Neuronal Based Prosthetic Control of Volitional Movement
The principle objective of this research is to develop new experimental and algorithms for neuroprosthetic control.
Project Role:  Co-Investigator

5 R01 MH071847-05 (PI: Brown)     04/15/05 – 03/31/11
Dynamic Analyses of Learning in Behavioral Experiments
The major objective of this application is to develop dynamic algorithms to characterize learning from binary response data.

5 R01 MH59733-09 (PI: Brown)    04/01/04 – 03/31/10    
Statistical Analysis of Hippocampal Information Encoding
The major goal is to develop statistical models to study information encoding in the rat hippocampus.

R01 DA015644-05 (PI: Brown)    09/30/02 – 07/31/08
Dynamic Signal Processing Analyses of Neural Plasticity
The major goal is to develop dynamic signal processing algorithms to characterize and track neural plasticity in the representation of biological signals in the rat and monkey hippocampus and other structures in the medial temporal lobe during memory.

NSF 0836720 (PI: Doershuk)   09/05/08-08/31/11    
Collaborative Research CDI-Type II: Discovery of Succinct Dynamical Relationships in Large-Scale Biological Data Sets
The project is using problems in biology to develop new statistical methods and new mathematical methods
for estimation and control theory
Project Role:  Co-Investigator


2006 HST188J (9.914 MIT) Introduction to Statistics for Neuroscience Research.

2009 9.073 (MIT) Statistics for Neuroscience Research (Spring- 26 lectures)

2010 9.07 (MIT) Introduction to Statistics for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Fall-  26 Lectures)

2011 Lecture, HST 500 Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering and Physics 9.52 (MIT) Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience (Spring- 22 of 42 lectures)

Selected Publications

Taylor NE, Chemali JJ, Brown EN, Solt K. Activation of D1 Dopamine Receptors Induces Emergence from Isoflurane General Anesthesia.
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