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Richard E. Kronauer, PhD

Richard E. Kronauer, PhD
Gordon McKay Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus, Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Other Affiliation(s)

Member of the Faculty of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

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Research Interests

Application of mathematics to sleep and circadian rhythms

Selected Publications

St Hilaire MA, Klerman EB, Khalsa SB, Wright KP Jr, Czeisler CA, Kronauer RE. Addition of a non-photic component to a light-based mathematical model of the human circadian pacemaker.
J Theor Biol. 2007 Aug 21;247(4):583-99. [PMID: 17531270]

Scheer FA, Wright KP Jr, Kronauer RE, Czeisler CA. Plasticity of the intrinsic period of the human circadian timing system.
PLoS ONE. 2007 Aug 8;2(1):e721. [PMID: 17684566]

Kronauer RE, Gunzelmann G, Van Dongen HP, Doyle FJ 3rd, Klerman EB. Uncovering physiologic mechanisms of circadian rhythms and sleep/wake regulation
through mathematical modeling.
J Biol Rhythms. 2007 Jun;22(3):233-45. [PMID: 17517913]

Gronfier C, Wright KP Jr, Kronauer RE, Czeisler CA. Entrainment of the human circadian pacemaker to longer-than-24-h days.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 May 22;104(21):9081-6. [PMID: 17502598]

Indic P, Gurdziel K, Kronauer RE, Klerman EB. Development of a two-dimension manifold to represent high dimension mathematical
models of the intracellular Mammalian circadian clock.
J Biol Rhythms. 2006 Jun;21(3):222-32. [PMID: 16731662]

Indic P, Forger DB, St Hilaire MA, Dean DA 2nd, Brown EN, Kronauer RE, Klerman
EB, Jewett ME. Comparison of amplitude recovery dynamics of two limit cycle oscillator models of
the human circadian pacemaker.
Chronobiol Int. 2005;22(4):613-29. [PMID: 16147894]

Zeitzer JM, Khalsa SB, Boivin DB, Duffy JF, Shanahan TL, Kronauer RE, Czeisler
CA. Temporal dynamics of late-night photic stimulation of the human circadian timing
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2005 Sep;289(3):R839-44. [PMID: 15890792]

Klerman EB, Davis JB, Duffy JF, Dijk DJ, Kronauer RE. Older people awaken more frequently but fall back asleep at the same rate as
younger people.
Sleep. 2004 Jun 15;27(4):793-8. [PMID: 15283016]

Gronfier C, Wright KP Jr, Kronauer RE, Jewett ME, Czeisler CA. Efficacy of a single sequence of intermittent bright light pulses for delaying
circadian phase in humans.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2004 Jul;287(1):E174-81. [PMID: 15039146]

Forger DB, Dean DA 2nd, Gurdziel K, Leloup JC, Lee C, Von Gall C, Etchegaray
JP, Kronauer RE, Goldbeter A, Peskin CS, Jewett ME, Weaver DR. Development and validation of computational models for mammalian circadian
OMICS. 2003 Winter;7(4):387-400. [PMID: 14683611]

Klerman EB, Gershengorn HB, Duffy JF, Kronauer RE. Comparisons of the variability of three markers of the human circadian pacemaker.
J Biol Rhythms. 2002 Apr;17(2):181-93. [PMID: 12002165]

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