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Jeffrey M. Rothschild MD, MPH

Jeffrey M. Rothschild MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Physician, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital

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Research Interests

My primary research interests are the intersection of medical informatics and health services research with a special interest in patient safety. I have participated in medication safety research in diverse settings, including critical care units. My patient safety research has also included a study of adverse events and medical errors in intensive care unit (ICU) patients; a companion study of the effects of eliminating extended duration work shifts and reducing weekly work hours of interns in ICUs; the relationship of crowding conditions, or staff-to-patient ratios, to adverse events; the role of ICU nurses as a safety net to intercept serious medical errors; the effects of extended work shifts on procedural complications among surgeons and obstetricians and the impact of emergency department pharmacists on medication safety. My research work in information technology has also included studies of PDAs with drug reference guides; a controlled trial of smart intravenous infusion pumps in ICU patients; the impact of decision support on improving transfusion practice and testing electronic prescribing standards in the outpatient setting. Current research activities include the unintended consequences of electronic prescribing and the impact of a robotic device to prepare chemotherapy.

Research Funding

Rx Foundation, 12/07–3/09, PI: Rothschild
Procedural Complications Associated With Attending Physician Extended-Duration Work Shifts
Role: PI

AHRQ, 1/05-12/07, PI: Landrigan
Implementing Reduced Work Hours for All ICU House Staff to Improve Patient Safety Role: Co-Investigator
AHRQ/NIOSH, 9/01–9/04, PI: Czeisler
Effects of Extended Work Hours on ICU Patient Safety
Role: Co-Investigator

Selected Publications

Rothschild JM,  Keohane CA, Rogers S,  Gardner R, Lipsitz  SR, Salzberg CA, Yu T, Yoon CS,  Williams DH, Wien MF, Czeisler CA, Bates DW, Landrigan CP. Complications by attending  physicians after nighttime procedures.
JAMA. 2009;302(14):1565-1572. [PMID: 19826026]

Rothschild JM, Churchill W, Erickson A, Munz K, Schuur JD, Salzberg CA, Lewinski L, Shane R, Aazami R, Patka J, Jaggers R, Steffenhagen A, Rough S,. Bates DW. Medication Errors Recovered by Emergency Department Pharmacists.
Ann of Emerg Med. 2009. In Press [PMID: 20005011]

Rothschild JM, Bates DW, Franz C, Soukup JR, Kaushal R. The Costs and Savings Associated With Prevention of Adverse Events by Critical Care Nurses.
J Crit Care 2009 24(3) 471.E1-7 [PMID: 19327286]

Rothschild JM, Woolf S, Finn KM, Friedberg MW, Lemay C, Furbush KA,Williams DH, Bates DW.  A Controlled Trial of a Rapid Response System in an Academic Medical Center .
Jt Comm J Qual Safety. 2008;35:417-425. [PMID: 18677873]

Lockley SW, Barger LK, Najib AT, Rothschild JM, CzeislerCA, Landrigan CP. Effects of health  care provider work hours and sleep deprivation on safety and performance.
Jt Comm J Qual Safety. 2007;33(Suppl):7-18 [PMID: 18173162]

Landrigan CP, Czeisler CA, Barger LK, Najib AT, Rothschild JM, Lockley SW. Reducing Fatigue- Related Errors and Injuries in Healthcare: Effective Implementation of Work Hour Limits and Systemic Improvements.
Jt Comm J Qual Safety. 2007;33(Suppl):19-29. [PMID: 18173163]

Weissman JS, Rothschild JM, Bendavid E, Sprivulis P, Cook EF, Evans RS, Kaganova Y,  Bender M, David-Kasdan J, Haug P, Lloyd J, Selbovitz LG, Murff HJ, Bates DW. Hospital  Workload and Adverse Events.
Medical Care, 2007; 45:448-455. [PMID: 17446831]

Rothschild JM, McGurk S, Honour M, Lu L, McClendon AA, Srivastava P, Churchill WH,  Kaufman RM, Avorn J, Cook EE, Bates DW. Assessment of Education and Computerized Decision Support Interventions for Improving Transfusion Practice. 
Transfusion. 2007; 46:228-239. [PMID: 17302768]

Rothschild JM, Mann K, Keohane CA, Williams DH, Foskett C, Rosen SL, Flaherty L, Chu JA,  Bates DW, Medication Safety in a Psychiatric Hospital,
General Hospital Psychiatry, 2007;  29:156-162. [PMID: 17336665]

Rothschild JM, Fang E, Liu V, Litvak I, Yoon C, Bates DW. Use and Perceived Benefits of Handheld Computer-Based Clinical References.
J Am Med Inform Assoc 2006;13:627-634. [PMID: 16929041]

Rothschild JM, Hurley AC, Landrigan CP, Cronin JW, Martell-Waldrop K, Foskett C, Burdick E, Czeisler CA, Bates DW. Recovery from medical errors: The critical care nursing safety net.
Jt Comm J Qual Safety. 2006; 32:63-72. [PMID: 16568919]

Rothschild JR, Landrigan CL, Cronin JW, Kaushal R, et al. The Critical Care Safety Study: The incidence and nature of adverse events and serious medical errors in intensive care.
Crit Care Med 2005; 33:1694-1700. [PMID: 16096443]

Rothschild JM,  Keohane CA, Cook EF, Orav EJ, Burdick E, Thompson S, et al. A controlled trial of smart infusion pumps to improve medication safety in critically ill patients.
Crit Care Med 2005; 33:533-540. [PMID: 15753744]

Landrigan CP, Rothschild JM, Cronin JW, Kaushal R, Burdick E, Katz T et al. Effect of eliminating extended work shifts and reducing work hours on serious medical errors among interns in ICUs.
N Eng J of Med. 2004; 351:1829-37. [PMID: 15509817]

Rothschild JM, Federico FA, Gandhi TK, Kaushal R, Williams DH, Bates DW. Analysis of medication-related malpractice claims: Causes, preventability and costs.
Arch Int Med 2002; 162:2414-2420. [PMID: 12437399]

Rothschild JM, Khorasani R, Silverman SG, Hanson RW, Fiskio JM, Bates DW: Abdominal imaging for inpatients with abnormal liver function tests: yield and usefulness.
Arch Int Med 2001; 161:583-588.

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