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Lockley Receives Grant from NASA

May 29, 2015

Steven Lockley, PhD, is one of only 24 investigators to receive funding from NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) for their proposals. Lockley’s study, working with HMS colleagues Charles Czeisler, MD, PhD, and Laura Barger, PhD, and George Brainard, PhD, from Thomas Jefferson University, will test the impact of prototype ‘smart’ LED lighting systems in a full size mockup of a space habitat at NASA’s Johnson Space Center where four groups of four ‘astronauts’ will live during a 30-day ‘mission.’ These studies will examine the impact of light on sleep-wake cycles, alertness and performance and circadian rhythm stability in preparation for installation of the lights in the International Space Station in 2016. The overall goals of the study are to optimize the use of light as a short-term fatigue countermeasure to reduce the risk of sleepiness-related errors and injuries and, longer-term, to provide the best environment to promote sleep and proper alignment of circadian rhythms to preserve astronauts’ health on long-duration space missions.

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