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Researchers Find Blue Light Fights Fatigue Around the Clock

February 14, 2014

BWH Bulletin- BWH DSM researchers who previously found that exposure to blue light increases alertness at night have found that exposure to blue light improves alertness and performance during the daytime as well. Senior investigator Steven Lockley, PhD, lead author Shadab Rahman, PhD, and researchers at BWH teamed up with George Brainard, PhD, a professor of neurology at Thomas Jefferson University, who developed the specialized light equipment used in the study. They  found that participants exposed to blue light consistently rated themselves as less sleepy, had quicker reaction times and fewer lapses of attention compared to those who were exposed to the same amount of green light. They also showed changes in brain activity patterns that indicated a more alert state. The study suggests that quality lighting would increase alertness for workers who do not get regular exposure to natural light, and the researchers are testing such lighting systems for NASA. For more information read the news release from Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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