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Expansion of BWH Sleep Inpatient Consult Service

December 3, 2013

After an initial pilot phase, the BWH Division of Sleep Medicine is pleased to announce that an In-Patient Sleep Medicine Consult service will now be available to provide 24/7 sleep medicine consultations to any in-patient at BWH. In-patient consultations can be useful for timely diagnosis, early initiation of treatment, and coordination with outpatient sleep services, benefiting patients with known or suspected sleep disorders. In particular, the in-patient setting provides an opportunity for timely intervention for sleep apnea, sleep related hypoventilation syndromes, and Cheyne Stoke Breathing. Other conditions that may be appropriate for in-patient consultation are: insomnia interfering with inpatient medical management; sleep misalignment (sleep schedule problems) interfering with inpatient medical management, and restless leg syndrome, and others.  In coordination with Respiratory Therapy, bedside sleep apnea testing and titration services are available. To make a consult, the provider uses simply places an order using PPD.  Health care providers can also communicate directly with the Sleep Medicine service via SleepConsult@BWH or by calling the on-call sleep physician (listed in PPD).

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