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NY Times: "Taking Questions on Causes and Effects of Sleep Deficiency"

October 2, 2013

New York Times' Ask an Expert has been featuring HMS DSM researcher Orfeu M. Buxton answering questions about the causes and health consequences of sleep deficiency, particularly in middle age.

In his responses to readers' questions Dr. Buxton notes that adults often short change themselves by not prioritizing adequate sleep and healthy behavior. Sleep, he says, is a foundation of healthy aging and a source of resilience. His research has shown that sleep restriction or disruption increases obesity and diabetes risk by decreasing insulin secretion, increasing blood glucose levels slowing metabolism. He has also found that characteristics of the work environment, including managers’ actions, can affect sleep.
Read the original source of New York Times reader questions here. Dr. Buxton's responses, "Advice for Boomers Concerned About Sleep Deficiency, Part 1" were featured on September 25th, Part 2 on October 2nd, and Part 3 on October 9th.

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