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Susan Redline installed as first Farrell Professor of Sleep Medicine

March 24, 2011

Susan S. Redline, MD, MPH was installed as the as the inaugural incumbent of the Peter C. Farrell Professorship of Sleep Medicine on March 24, 2011. Remarks were heard from Dean Jeffrey Flier, Dr. Joseph Loscalzo, BWH Chair of Medicine, Dr. Mark Zeidel, BIDMC Chair of Medicine,  Dr. Peter Farrell, Dr. Czeisler and Dr. Redline.

In his remarks, Dr. Farrell described his motivation for establishing the Chair and his enthusiasm for Dr. Redline as the first incumbent.  “[We] are greatly concerned about the chasm of ignorance…of the connection between undiagnosed Sleep Disordered Breathing/OSA and various co-morbidities, in particular those of cardiac disease and Type-2 Diabetes. …I decided that if I were to personally support a Chair in Sleep Medicine the focus ought to be on SDB/OSA and its association with and impact upon cardiovascular disease.

“I’m delighted that Dr. Susan Redline is the first person to hold the Farrell Chair. …She has a wonderful track record in advancing the field of sleep medicine, particularly as it relates to cardiovascular disease.”

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