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Sleeping Less Is Bad for Teens' Diets

September 2, 2010

The September issue of the AASM journal SLEEP will publish a study by Division of Sleep Medicine's Dr. Susan Redline which found that of 240 16-19 year olds, those who got less than 8 hours of sleep per weeknight ate more fatty foods and snacks than those who got more than 8 hours.

When separated by sex, the results were found to be statistically significant for girls, but not boys. Authors were unsure why this association was stronger in girls, but suggested that it might be explained by emotional eating behavior in female teenagers.

These findings are concerning, as fat consumption has been linked to increased risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. However  the team found that adding an hour sleep back into the regiment lowered the odds of extra calories from snacks by 21 percent on average.

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