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ACGME Announces New Recommendations on Resident-Physician Duty Hours

June 24, 2010

Research on the impact of the traditional extended work shifts of interns (PGY1s; physicians- in-training in their first year after graduating medical school) on patient and intern safety conducted by the Harvard Work Hours, Health and Safety Group appears to have contributed to a change in national policy. As a result of this research, which found that interns working 24 hour shifts had a higher risk of medical errors, occupational injuries, and motor vehicle crashes, the ACGME will limit interns to no more than 16 consecutive hours of work beginning July 1, 2011. There are currently 24,000 interns in the  U.S. The 84,000 physician trainees at the PGY2 and above will continue to be allowed to work for 28 consecutive hours.

Click here to read about the new recommendations in The New England Journal of Medicine

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