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Australia-Harvard Fellowships for 2009 announced

February 3, 2009

An acclaimed physics educator, an honored researcher in regenerative biology, and an Alzheimer’s-focused pathologist are among six winners of the 2009 Australia-Harvard Fellowships announced this week by Harvard Club of Australia Foundation (HCAF). This year’s list of new fellows includes: Eric Mazur, Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences; Andrew P McMahon, Frank B Baird Jr. Professor of Science, FAS Dept of Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology; Harald Jueppner, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics at HMS and head of Mass. General’s Endocrine Unit; Robert D Moir, PhD, assist. prof. and instructor at HMS Dept of Neurology, Steven W Lockley, PhD, assist. prof. at HMS Div. of Sleep Medicine, and Kavi Bhalla, PhD, research scientist at Harvard School of Public Health.

Two of the new fellows, Professors Mazur and McMahon, were successful applicants previously but had to withdraw due to individual academic commitments at the time.

The fellowships support learned exchange between Harvard University and Australia through collaboration with senior Australian research organizations. In effect, HCA F donates to the Australian institutions, which then administer the funds on HCA F’s behalf. Each award is usually sufficient to fund a successful applicant for a visit to Australia of up to three months. Applications for 2010 fellowships will close in September 2009.

Media contact: John Turner, Australia-Harvard Fellowship Secretary
Publisher: Harvard Club of Australia Foundation
Telephone: +61 2 9328 2366

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