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In the News (Channel 5): "Lawmakers To Crack Down On Drowsy Drivers"

November 10, 2008

By (Channel 5) writers, 11/07/2008

"Doctors and lawmakers are pushing for new laws making it a crime to drive while tired.

"NewsCenter 5's Lynn Jolicoeur reported Friday that Dr. Charles Czeisler said that as a sleep specialist, he sees the dangers that drowsy drivers create. 'They don't realize that the brain can seize control and they can make an involuntary transition from wakefulness to sleep,' he said. 'It can happen in an instant.'

"'One out of five motor vehicle crashes and injuries is related to drowsy driving. That means 8,000 people a year are killed in drowsy-driving related crashes,' Czeisler said.

Read the entire article on the Boston News Channel website.

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