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Three Harvard faculty members elected to Sleep Research Society Board of Directors

April 9, 2008

The Sleep Research Society (SRS), the oldest and largest (1,100 members) organization of academic sleep scientists in the world, has elected Clifford B. Saper, MD, PhD as President-Elect of the SRS, and both Janet Mullington, PhD and Thomas E. Scammell, MD as SRS Board Members. All three are members of the Department of Neurology, and Dr. Saper is Chair of the Department, at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

It is unprecedented in the nearly 50-year history of the society for three board members to be Harvard faculty members, and the Division of Sleep Medicine extends a hearty congratulations to Drs. Saper, Scammell and Mullington on being elected to play such a pivotal role in guiding the future direction of the field.

For more information about the Sleep Research Society, please visit their homepage.

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