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Dr. Frank Scheer receives Young Investigator Award at NSF/SRS Young Investigator Conference

March 5, 2008

Frank AJL Scheer (2nd from left) receives NSF-SRS 2008 Young Investigator Award.jpg

from left: Darrel Drobnich, Frank Scheer, Wayne H Giles, James Krueger, Michael Vitiello

Dr. Frank Scheer received the Young Investigator Award at the NSF and SRS Young Investigator Conference on Sunday, March 2nd. He presented work entitled 'Circadian and Sleep/Wake Cycle Effects on Metabolic, Autonomic, and Endocrine Predictors of Cardiovascular Risk; Health Implications for Shift Workers' and will receive a monetary award from NSF and a paid trip to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta.

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