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Living Healthier, Living Longer: "Sleep, Dreams, and Memory" presentation

March 14, 2004

The "Living Healthier, Living Longer" seminar event was held by the Harvard Alumni Association, in partnership with the Harvard Medical School, highlighting the latest research on cancer, nutrition and dieting, exercise, and stress management.

As part of this event, Robert Stickgold, PhD, presented "Sleep, Dreams, and Memory".
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"Living Healthier, Living Longer" was held in the conference center at the Harvard Medical School on March 13-14, 2004, as part of the Harvard Alumni Association's Alumni College, in partnership with the Harvard Medical School. Harvard Alumni College was launched in 1971 as a program to offer all alumni, their guests, and other members of the Harvard community an opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of subjects. In the course of three decades, the Harvard Alumni Association has offered programs on topics ranging from politics to poetry, from the Arab world to astronomy, from health care to the human genome.

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