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"Our Most Neglected Extracurricular", Harvard Crimson 'Opinion'

February 23, 2007

By Paul G. Nauert ’09

"It is your twenty-fourth or twenty-fifth hour without sleep. Only sheer force of will and caffeine drive you from page three to page 20 in your 25-page paper. In the library, you awake suddenly in a puddle of your own saliva at 4 a.m. A “few winks” became a six-hour slumber.

Every Harvard student knows too well these fatigue-sodden experiences. Such moments should remind us how our bodies can break down when we ignore our need for sleep. Yet, when Microsoft Word opens again and we see page 10 rather than page 25, all we feel is guilt or anger that we succumbed to sleep. Here we glimpse one of the most destructive pathologies of our student culture: Sleep has become just another extracurricular—and an undesired and maligned one at that. "

Read the entire editorial by Paul Nauert '09, Cimson editorial editor and social studies concentrator at Harvard, on the need for sleep, and its lack, on Harvard campus.

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