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Dreamstage Sleep and Brain Science Museum opens in VT

January 1, 2007

Dreamstage Sleep and Brain Science Museum
At North Star Farm, East Burke, Vermont

Dreamstage Sleep and Brain Science Museum

Dr. Allan Hobson announces the official opening of the Dreamstage Sleep and Brain Science Museum at North Star Farm in East Burke, Vermont. The public, the press, and interested professionals are invited to attend this event on January 1, 2007. An open house will run from 3-5 PM. Ceremony and refreshments at 4 PM.

The museum is centered upon the Dreamstage exhibit which opened at Harvard in April 1977, toured nationally from 1978 to 1980 and was recreated in Bordeaux, France in 1982. In its Vermont hayloft setting, visitors can see the original sleep chamber, now occupied by a sculpted version of a sleeping couple, bracketed by a real human brain and X-rays of a real human skull.

Above the sleep chamber are projected digital photographic images of other sleepers, animated dream reports, brain cells, and their electrical activity designed to give an impression of the brain dynamics underlying sleep and dreaming. The visitor may also listen to vivid dream reports and “brain music.”

Two other graphic exhibits compliment the show. One is a narrative account of the science of sleep as it relates to dream theory. The other is a set of drawings and photographs designed and framed to represent the scientist-as-artist. Connected to the museum are Dr. Hobson’s studio-office in a renovated stable and his library (in a renovated silo).

Plans for the museum include an already piloted junior high school science program (organized by Caledonia North School superintendent, Scott Graham), a broader education program involving other area museums, schools, and colleagues, and a sleep science residency for educators and scientists.

Contact: Dr. Allan Hobson
Phone: (617) 734-3812

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