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Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Training Opportunities 

in Basic and Clinical Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

2001 - V Edition


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University of Washington


Department of Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Systems

Box 357266

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195-7266



Phone: (206) 616-1908

FAX: (206) 543-4771

Faculty (Name, Email address)

Carol A. Landis, DNSc, RN

Martha J. Lentz, PhD, RN

Susan E. Labyak, PhD, RN       will join the faculty in September 2001 

Patricia Prinz, PhD, Biobehavioral Nursing and Dept of Psychiatry

Michael Vitello, PhD, Dept of Psychiatry

Karen Moe, PhD, Dept of Psychiatry

David Avery, MD, Dept of Psychiatry

Margaret Dimond, PhD, RN, FAAN

Karen Thomas, PhD, RN

Kathryn Barnard, PhD, RN,

Types of Training Available


Research assistantships and internships for summer quarters

Honors program and fellowships available from the Reba DeTorynay Center for Healthy Aging.


Research assistantships are available for graduate students.

Masters thesis and dissertation.


Post-doctoral research opportunities are available.

Types of Funding Available:

Biobehavioral Nursing Institutional Training Grant – Predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships

Women’s Health Institutional Training Grant – Predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships

Research assistantships on funded grants

Current Trainees (Names and Email address):

Diana McMillan, PhC, RN

Sandra Johnson, MS, RN

Trainees who have completed training [in the past five years] and current status (Name, Title, Institution, Email):

Rita Cheek         Instructor, Montana State University

Primary Research and/or Clinical Focus of Laboratory

Research Focus only:

Women and Sleep – Funded studies in fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, and chronic insomnia on disturbed sleep and symptoms. Focus on quantitative assessments of microelements of sleep and dysregulated neuroendocrine/cytokine function during sleep.
Healthy Aging and sleep – Funded studies in cognitive, affective, behavioral function and sleep in older adults.
Health Consequences of Sleep loss: Sleep loss effects on psychoneuroimmune interactions in animals and humans
Sleep in children and adolescents.

Technical Capabilities of Lab

Standard polysomnography (in lab and in home)
Surface electromyography
Heart Rate Variability
Cell culture, immune assays
Elisa and HPLC
Histology and imunocytochemistry

Primary Training Focus

Human (Basic)
Human (Clinical Research)

Other Training Opportunities


Representative Publications For the Last Five Years

Lentz, M.J., Landis, C.A., Rothermel, J., Shaver, J.F.L. Effects of selective slow-wave sleep stage disruption on musculoskeletal pain and fatigue in middle-aged women. J Rheumatology, 26 (1999) 1586-92.

Landis, C.A., Savage, M., Lentz, M., Brengelmann, G. Sleep deprivation alters body temperature dynamics to mild cooling and heating, not sweating threshold in women. Sleep, 21(1998)101-8.

Heitkemper, M., Charmen, A., Shaver, J., Lentz, M., and Jarrett, M. (1998) Self-Report and Polysomnographic Measures of Sleep in Women with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nursing Research, 47, 270-277

Landis, C.A., Savage, M.V., Lentz, M.J., & Brengelman, G.L. (1998) Sleep deprivation alters body temperature to mild cooling and heating not sweating in women. Sleep, 21:101-108

Landis, C. A. & Whitney, J.D. Effects of 72 hours sleep deprivation on wound healing in the rat. Research in Nursing and Health, 20 (1997) 259-67.

Shaver, J.F.L., Lentz, M., Landis, C.A., Heitkemper, M.M., Buchwald, D.S., Woods, N.F. Fibromyalgia in Women: Sleep, Psychological Distress and Stress Arousal. Research in Nursing and Health, 20 (1997) 247-57.

Prinz PN, Moe KE, Dulberg EM, Larsen LH, Vitiello MV, Toivola B, Merriam GR: Higher plasma IGF-1 levels are associated with increased delta sleep in healthy older men. J Gerontol:Med Sci 50A:M222-6, 1995..

Vitiello MV, Larsen LH, Moe KE, Borson S, Schwartz RS, Prinz PN: The objective sleep quality of healthy older men and women is differentially disrupted by nighttime periodic blood sampling via indwelling catheter. Sleep, 19(4):304-311, 1996

Avery, D.H., Dahl, K., Savage, M.V., Brengelmann, G.L., Larsen, L.H., Kenny, M.A., Eder, D.N., Vitiello, M.V. and Prinz, P.N.: Circadian temperature and cortisol rhythms during a constant routine are phase-delayed in hypersomnic winter depression. Biological Psychiatry, 41:1109-1123, 1997

Vitiello, M.V., Wilkinson, C.W., Moe, K.E., Prinz, P.N., Ralph, D.D., Merriam, G.R., Colasurdo, E.A., Schwartz, R.S.: Successful 6-month endurance training does not alter insulin-like growth factor-I in healthy older men and women. J. Gerontol.: Med. Sci., 52A(3): M149-M154, 1997

Moe KE, Prinz PN, Larsen LH, Vitiello MV, Reed SO, Merriam GR. Growth hormone in postmenopausal women after long-term oral estrogen replacement therapy. J Gerontol, Bio Sci 53A, B117-B124, 1998.

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Faculty Research Interests

Carol A. Landis, DNSc, RN, Professor See above.

Martha J. Lentz, PhD, RN See above.

Patricia Prinz, PhD, Biobehavioral Nursing and Dept of Psychiatry – Sleep and healthy aging

Michael Vitello, PhD, Dept of Psychiatry – Fitness and sleep in healthy seniors

Karen Moe, PhD, Dept of Psychiatry – Hormone replacement therapy and sleep in mid-life women

David Avery, MD, Dept of Psychiatry – Light therapy for SADS, alternative therapies for depression

Margaret Dimond, PhD, RN, FAAN, Light therapy for agitated behaviors and sleep

Karen Thomas, PhD, RN, Sleep and circadian rhythms in neonates and children

Kathryn Barnard, PhD, RN, Self-management and sleep in infants