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2001 - V Edition


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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Department of Psychiatry, Sleep Study Unit

5323 Harry Hines Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75390-9070



Phone: (214) 648-7350

Fax: (214) 648-7359

Faculty (Name, Email address)

Roseanne Armitage, Ph.D. – Director

Robert Hoffmann, Ph.D.

Gerald Marks, Ph.D.

Christopher Sinton, Ph.D.

John Herman, Ph.D.

Types of Training Available


Research Assistantship and Internships


Medical Students and Residents Ph.D. in Neuroscience or Clinical Psychology


Fellowships are available, Residency Research Rotations

Types of Funding Available:

Undergraduate and graduate trainees are funded from research grants. Post-doctoral fellowships compete for NIH NSF grants, Seay Fellowship (private support).

Current Trainees (Names and Email address):


Trainees who have completed training [in the past five years] and current status (Name, Title, Institution, Email):

Irma Aguilar, Ph.D. Professor of Nursing, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

William Hendrickse, M.D. Clinical faculty, Dallas VAMC

Kate McGraw, Ph.D. Psychologist with U.S. Air Force

Primary Research and/or Clinical Focus of Laboratory

Quantitative EEG analyses
Sleep physiology
Biological rhythms
Gender differences
REM and NREM regulatory mechanisms
Antidepressant effects on sleep
Cholinergic mechanisms
Cortisol regulation in animals
Basic Human Sleep
Sleep in Psychiatric Disorders
Animal Neurophysiology

Technical Capabilities of Lab

In Humans:

5 bedroom human research lab
The labs are completely "paperless" with on-line quantitative EEG analysis (PAA, PSA)
Tympanic temperature measurement
24-hour blood sampling

In Animals:

2 neurophysiology labs equipped for 24-hour recording, chronic implant studies, and microiontophoresis and facilities for stereotoxic surgery

Primary Training Focus

Human (Basic)
Human (Clinical Research)

Other Training Opportunities

Post-doctoral research fellowship in biology, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics

Representative Publications For the Last Five Years

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Faculty Research Interests

The sleep investigative facilities of the Department of Psychiatry, Southwestern Medical Center, comprise the UTSWMC Sleep Research Study Unit.

Individual descriptions follow:

Roseanne Armitage, Ph.D. is the Director of the Sleep Study Unit, Department of Psychiatry.
Robert Hoffmann, Ph.D. is the Associate Director of the Human Laboratory.
Gerald Marks, Ph.D. is Director of The Sleep Neurophysiology Laboratory.
Christopher Sinton, Ph.D. is the Director of The Animal Models Laboratory.
John Herman, Ph.D. is the Director of Children’s Medical Center Sleep Laboratory.

The long-term interests and activities of the Sleep Research Study Unit include:

Studies investigating biological rhythms during sleep and waking using computer quantification of EEG and in some studies along with tympanic temperature recording. This research is conducted in healthy subjects and psychiatric patients; particularly those with depression (Armitage, Hoffmann, Trivedi, Rush)
Biological markers in affective disorders, particularly in those at risk for depression and developmental changes in brain regulation during sleep (Armitage, Fulton, Rush, Emslie)
Neurochemical and neurophysiological analyses of sleep-state neuronal activities and mechanisms, using microiontophoretically-applied agents and identified single cells in the CNS (Marks, Speciale)
The function of the REM state in developmental maturation of the CNS (Marks)
Circadian and ultradian patterns of hormone production, using the rapid sampling technique (Rush, Armitage, Hoffmann)
Sleep architecture in early onset depression (Emslie, Armitage, Hoffmann, Kowatch, Rush)
Brain imaging and cerebral blood flow studies during sleep in normals and depressed patients (Devous, Trivedi, Armitage)
Tympanic temperature during sleep and REM activity and event-related potentials; and gender differences in sleep and the effects of phase of the menstrual cycle on sleep EEG (Armitage, Hoffmann)
Effects of aging on sleep (Armitage, Hoffmann)
Genetic abnormalities underlying sleep disturbance in depression (McKnight, Armitage, Hoffmann)
Antidepressant effects on sleep (Armitage, Trivedi, Hoffmann, Rush)
Course of illness and treatment prediction (Rush, Trivedi, Armitage, Emslie, Hoffmann)
Animal models of sleep abnormalities in depression (Sinton, Armitage, Hoffmann)
Psychophysiological relationships during REM sleep and dreaming (Armitage, Hoffmann)