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Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Training Opportunities 

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2001 - V Edition


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University of Pennsylvania


Department of Animal Biology

School of Veterinary Medicine

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6045



Phone: (215) 898-8891

FAX: (215) 573-2004

Faculty (Name, Email address)

Adrian R. Morrison, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Richard J. Ross, M.D., Ph.D. (Psychiatry)

Larry D. Sanford, Ph.D. (Animal Biology)

Types of Training Available


Research assistantships.

Training grants:

Participation in three NIH-funded training grants.


Graduate and undergraduate:

Sleep course lectures.

Clinician-scientist training:

As well as standard post-doctoral opportunities.

Types of Funding Available:

4 NIH Training grants

2 NIH and 1 VA Grant

Current Trainees (Names and Email address):


Trainees who have completed training [in the past five years] and current status (Name, Title, Institution, Email):

Richard L. Horner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Tom DeBoer, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ. of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Larry D. Sanford, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA

Amy Silvestri, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Indiana-Purdue, Fort Wayne

Primary Research and/or Clinical Focus of Laboratory

Motor control in REM.
Mechanisms of alerting and orienting.
Conditioned fear via the amygdala
Sleep in PTSD patients.

Technical Capabilities of Lab

Expertise in clinical neurology in animals.
Standard sleep recording, neuropharmacology, single-unit recording, behavioral manipulations.

Primary Training Focus

Human (Clinical Research)
Human (Clinical Practice)

Other Training Opportunities

We are part of the University's Institute of Neurological Sciences, which provides one of the premier training environments in the world.       

Representative Publications For the Last Five Years

Morrison,A.R., L.D.Sanford, W.A.Ball, G.L.Mann, R.J.Ross, (1995). Stimulus-elicited behavior in rapid eye movement sleep without atonia. Behav. Neurosci., 109:972-979.

Sanford, L.D., S.M. Tejani-Butt, R.J. Ross, and A.R. Morrison, (1995). Amygdaloid control of alerting and behavioral arousal in rats: involvement of serotonergic mechanisms. Arch. ital. Biol., 134:81-99.

Sanford,L.D., S.M. Tejani-Butt, R.J. Ross, and A.R. Morrison, (1996). Elicited PGO waves in rats: lack of 5-HT (1A) [these are to be subscripted but cannot do on this e-mail system] inhibition in putative pontine generator region. Pharm. Biochem. & Behav., 53:323-327.

Horner, R.L., Sanford, L.D., Annis, D., Pack, A.I., and Morrison, A.R. (1997). Serotonin at the laterodorsal tegmental nucleus suppresses rapid-eye movement sleep in freely moving rats. J. Neurosci., 17:7541-7552.

Horner, R.L., Sanford, L.D., Pack, A.I., Morrison, A.R. (1997). Activation of a distinct arousal state immediately after spontaneous awakening from sleep. Brain Res., 778:126-133.

Zagrodzka, J., Hedberg, C.E., Mann, G.L., Morrison, A.R. (1998). Contrasting expressions of aggressive behavior released by lesions of the central nucleus of the amygdala during wakefulness and rapid eye movement sleep without atonia. Behav. Neurosci., 793: 305-310.

DeBoer, T., Sanford, L.D., Ross, R.J., Morrison, A.R. (1998). Effects of electrical stimulation in the amygdala on ponto-geniculo- occipital waves in rats. Brain Res., 793: 305-310.

Hunt, W.K., Ross, R.J., Sanford, L.D., Morrison, A.R. and Pack, A.I. (1998). Elicited ponto-geniculo-occipital waves and phasic suppression of the diaphragm activity in sleep and wakefulness. J. Appl. Physiol. 84: 2106-2114.

DeBoer, T., Sanford, L.D., Ross, R.J. and Morrison, A.R. (1999). Electrical stimulation in the amygdala increases the amplitude of elicited PGO waves. Physiol. & Behav. 66: 19-124.

Morrison, W.R., Sanford, L.D. and Ross, R.J. (2000). The amygdala: a critical modulator of sensory influences on sleep. Biol. Signal.& Recept. In press.

Sanford, L.D., Silvestri, A.J., Ross, R.J. and Morrison, A.R. (2000). Influence of fear-conditioning on elicited ponto-geniculo-ocipital waves and rapid eye movement sleep. Arch. Ital . Biol., In press.

Sanford, l.D., Cheng, C.S., Silvestri, A.J., Tang, X., Mann, G.L., Ross, R.J. and Morrison, A.R. (2000). Sleep behavior in rats with pontine lesions producing REM without atonia. Sleep Res. Online, In press.

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