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Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Training Opportunities 

in Basic and Clinical Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

2001 - V Edition


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Veterans Administration Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and UCLA School of Medicine


Research Service (151A3)


16111 Plummer Street

North Hills, CA 91343



Faculty (Name, Email address)

Dennis McGinty, Ph.D.

Ronald Szymusiak, Ph.D.

Md. Noor Alam, Ph.D. 

Types of Training Available


Types of Funding Available

Undergraduate and graduate trainees funded from V.A. or NIH grants.
Postdoctoral trainees funded from V.A. or NIH grants and may apply for Fellowships from NIH and NRC.

Current Trainees

Rubin Guzman-Marin, M.D., Ph.D.

Natalia Suntsova, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Melvi Methiapara, Ph.D.

Hui Gong, M.D.

Xinzheng Xi, M.D., Ph.D.

Students Who Have Completed Training in the Past Five Years and Current Status

Stephen Morairty, Ph.D., Research Associate, Stanford Research Institute

Teresa Steininger, Ph.D. Research Associate, Dept. Psychiatry, Univ. Wisconsin, School of Medicine

Timothy Hays, Ph.D. National Institute of Mental Health

Primary Research Focus of Laboratory

Neurophysiology, neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of hypothalamic and forebrain mechanisms of sleep and arousal regulation. Regulation of body temperature and interactions between sleep and thermoregulation. Basic mechanisms of the control of breathing during sleep. Basic mechanisms underlying interactions between circadian rhythms and sleep regulation.

Technical Capabilities of the Lab

Chronic electrophysiology in laboratory animals.
Single unit recording in unanesthetized, unrestrained animals
Monitoring of thermoregulatory and respiratory variables in chronic animals
In vivo microdialysis
Retrograde and anterograde anatomical tract tracing methodologies
Immunohistochemical staining of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and immediate-early gene products
In vitro slice neurophysiology

Primary Training Focus

Basic mechanisms of sleep regulation in animal models

Other Training Opportunities


Representative Publications for Last Five Years

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