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Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Training Opportunities 

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2001 - V Edition


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Tokyo Medical and Dental University


Division of Biocybernetics, Department of System,

Institute of Biomedicals and Bioengineering,

Tokyo Medical and Dental University,

2-3-10 Kanda-surugadai, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0062



Phone: (81)-3-5280-8098 (Kazuki Honda, Ph.D.)

Fax:      (81)-3-5280-8005 (Kazuki Honda, Ph.D.)

Faculty (Name, Email address)

Shojiro Inoue, D.Sc.

Kazuki Honda, Ph.D.

Mayumi Kimura, Ph.D.

Yasuhisa Okano, M.Eng.

Types of Training Available

Graduate course: Sleep science
Special research course: Sleep science
Postdoctoral opportunity: Available if funded

Types of Funding Available       

Monbusho scholarship for graduate students

JSPS fellowship for postdoctoral fellows

Current Trainees (Names and Email address)

Graduate students:

Zili Luo

Moses Akanmu

Special Research students:

Tomio Kubota

Trainees who have completed training [in the past five years] and current status (Name, Title, Institution, Email)

Shi-Qing Zhang, M.D., Ph.D Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Obstetric and Gynecology, The University of Tokyo

Takeshi Hasegawa, M.D., Ph.D. Instructor Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Primary Research and/or Clinical Focus of Laboratory

Studies on the physiological roles of sleep substances in the regulation of sleep
Dynamic analysis of sleep-modulatory substances and neuronal activities in the brain
Time series analysis of sleep in relation to the circadian and reproductive rhythms
Correlation of endocrine activities with sleep and wakefulness
Spatio-temporal analysis of electrical activities in the sleeping brain

Technical Capabilities of Lab

Four isolated chambers with simultaneous recordings of EEG, EMG,
brain temperature, and continuous intracerebroventricular infusion
One isolated chamber for human sleep study
One isolated chamber for in vitro electrophysiological study
Automatic sleep data analysis system
Microdialysis system

Primary Training Focus

Human (Basic)

Other Training Opportunities              


Representative Publications For the Last Five Years

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Honda K, Sagara M, Ikeda M, Inoue S. Reduced glutathione regulates sleep in unrestrained rats by ploducing oxidized glutathione. Sleep Hypnosis 2000; 2(1): 26-30.

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