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Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Training Opportunities 

in Basic and Clinical Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

2001 - V Edition


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Laval University


Sleep Disorders Center (1)

Human Neurophysiology Laboratory (2)

School of Psychology, Laval University

Sainte-Foy (QC), G1K 7P4



Faculty (Name, Email address)

Charles M. Morin, Ph.D. (1)

Célyne H. Bastien, Ph.D. (2)

Josée Savard, Ph.D. (1)

Types of Training Available



Research assistantships and internships.

Honors thesis.



Masters Degree in clinical Psychology

Ph.D. in clinical Psychology

Ph.D. in experimental Psychology

Note: Admission is very competitive and fluency in French is required.

Students complete their doctoral thesis in one area of sleep and insomnia research. Clinical internship should be done in a CPA and/or APA accredited program.

Types of Funding Available

Undergraduate and graduate trainees are funded from research grants.

Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ)

Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheurs et l'Aide à la Recherche (FCAR)

Instituts de Recherches en Santé du Canada (IRSC)

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Current Trainees (Names and Email address)

Doctoral students:

    France C. Blais

    Annie Vallières

    Marie-Christine Ouellet

    Meagan Daley

    Catherine Quesnel

Master students:

   Geneviève Belleville

    Mélanie LeBlanc

    Isabelle Rioux

    Émilie Fortier-Brochu

    Pierre-Olivier Gaudreau

    Séverine Hervouet

    Geneviève Gauthier

    Mylène Lévesque

Trainees who have completed training [in the past five years] and current status (Name, Title, Institution, Email)

Annie Vignola, M.Ps., Neuropsychologist, Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis

Anouk Gagné, M.Ps., Governmental research, Ottawa

Catherine Lamoureux, M.Ps., Neuropsychologist, Centre hospitalier de Chicoutimi

Christian Portuguais, M.Ps., Private practice

François Bernier, M.Ps., Private practice

Liny Laroche, M.Ps., Medical Degree, Université de Montréal

Sébastien Bouchard, M.Ps., Clinical practice, Centre hospitalier Robert-Giffard

Véronique Mimeault, M.Ps., Clinical practice, Université Laval

Primary Research and/or Clinical Focus of Laboratory

Cognitive-behavioral and pharmacological treatments of insomnia
Contribution of hyperarousal in insomnia
Familial incidence of insomnia
Cognitive-behavioral treatment of insomnia associated with cancer

Technical Capabilities of Lab

The Sleep Disorders Center has three bedrooms and various sleep recording equipment. (C. Morin, J. Savard)
The Human Neurophysiology Laboratory has two bedrooms, one wake room, and various recording equipment for sleep and evoked potentials. (C. Bastien)

Primary Training Focus

        Human (Basic)
        Human (Clinical Research)
        Human (Clinical Practice)

Other Training Opportunities

Research Professional

Representative Publications For the Last Five Years

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Blais, F. C., Morin, C. M., Boisclair, A., Grenier, V., & Guay, B. M. (In press). Prévalence de l’insomnie et de son traitement chez les patients en clinique médicale externe. Canadian Family Physician.

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Research Interests

Charles M. Morin, Ph.D.

Cognitive-behavioral treatment of insomnia
Efficacy of combined pharmacological and psychological treatment of insomnia
Insomnia and fatigue in patients with minor brain injury
Sleep and psychopathology
Insomnia and anxiety

Célyne H.Bastien Ph.D.

Psychophysiological aspects of sleep
Electroencephalogram (EEG) microstructure during the different stages of sleep in good sleepers and insomniacs
Contribution of hyperarousal and benzodiazepine use in sleep difficulties, measured with ERP's and quantitative methods of EEG (e.g. spectral analysis)
Cognitive-behavioral treatment of insomnia
Psychophysiological and neuropsychological aging process
Human neurophysiology

Josée Savard, Ph.D.

Psychological aspects of cancer
Efficacy of cognitive-behavioral interventions for the treatment of psychological difficulties associated with cancer (e.g., insomnia, depression)
Effects of cognitive-behavioral interventions on immunocompetence in cancer patients
Clinical psychology