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September 2, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course

September 8, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"New Insights into Regulation of Sleep and Wakefulness"

September 8, 2014  DSM Event
Division of Sleep Medicine Annual Poster Session

September 15, 2014  Training Program Meeting/Event
Deadline [PASSED] for Training Program Applications

September 22, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
The Nightlife of the Brain

October 6, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Optogenetic Dissection of Sleep-wake Circuits in the Brain"

October 20, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
“Neurobiology of Narcolepsy”

October 22, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Integrating Metabolism Around the Clock"

October 27, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
Trainee Research-In-Progress Presentations

November 3, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Genetic Analysis of Sleep Regulation in Drosophila"

November 10, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
"Molecular Analysis of the Mammalian Circadian Clock"

December 1, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Cortical nNOS/NK1 Neurons as Orchestrators of EEG Slow Wave Activity"

December 8, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
Sleep Homeostatis: Why and How?

December 15, 2014  Professional Society Meeting
Sleep 2015 Deadline for Abstract Submission (due Dec. 15)

December 15, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
Metabolic Consequences of Insufficient Sleep and Circadian Misalignment

January 5, 2015  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Clocks, Couples, and Communities"

January 26, 2015  Seminar/Lecture
Trainee Research-In-Progress Presentations

February 2, 2015  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Hippocampal Memory Processing During Sleep"

February 9, 2015  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course - Canceled

February 23, 2015  Introductory Sleep Course
"Reduced Sleep Spindles in Schizophrenia: a mechanician of impaired memory consolidation"

February 26, 2015  Seminar/Lecture
Partners RCR Seminar

March 2, 2015  Sleep Grand Rounds
"The Clock Beyond the Box: Novel Roles for the Circadian System in the Cytosol"

March 9, 2015  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep Apnea Phenotypes"

March 23, 2015  Seminar/Lecture
Trainee Research-In-Progress Presentations

April 13, 2015  Seminar/Lecture
Trainee Research-In-Progress Presentations

April 20, 2015  Introductory Sleep Course
POSTPONED "New Optigenetic Insight into Basal Forebrain Parvalbumin GABA Neurons' Control of Waking Cortical Activation"

April 27, 2015  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Requiem for CPAP"

May 4, 2015  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Suvorexant: a First-in-Class Orexin (Hypocretin) Receptor Antagonist for the Treatment of Insomnia"

May 11, 2015  Introductory Sleep Course
Brainstem Control of Breathing

May 19, 2015  Seminar/Lecture
Partners RCR Seminar

June 4, 2015  Sleep Community Event
RCR Rounds: Societal Impacts of Clinical Research

June 15, 2015  Introductory Sleep Course
Clinical Trials and Genetic Epidemiology in Sleep Medicine

June 18, 2015  Sleep Community Event
Grant Writing Tips & Strategies for NIH R01s

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