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October 7, 2003  Training Program Meeting/Event
Selection Sub-committee meeting

October 27, 2003  Introductory Sleep Course
"The Role of the Hypothalamus in Wake-Sleep Regulation"

November 24, 2003  Introductory Sleep Course
"Adenosine and the Homeostatic Regulation of Sleep"

December 1, 2003  Training Program Meeting/Event
Trainee Research-in-Progress presentations

December 15, 2003  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep, Hormones and their Interactions"

January 5, 2004  Introductory Sleep Course
"Inflammation and Sleep"

January 26, 2004  Training Program Meeting/Event
Trainee Research-in-Progress Presentation

March 1, 2004  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep and Anesthesia: What is the Link?"

March 29, 2004  Introductory Sleep Course
"The neurobiology of Narcolepsy"

April 26, 2004  Introductory Sleep Course
"Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypoxic Acclimatization"

June 4, 2004  DSM Event
Peter C. Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine, and 2nd Annual Poster Session and Faculty Dinner

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