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September 9, 2013  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Characterizing the Metabolic Oscillator in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus"

September 16, 2013  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep, Memory, and Dreams: What Does it All Mean?"

September 18, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
Longwood Rounds talk by Claudio Bassetti

September 23, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
SSM: Christopher Morris, PhD

September 30, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Journal Club Lecture - Brian Cade, PhD

October 1, 2013  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Molecular Mimicry and Autoimmunity in Narcolepsy"

October 21, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
SSM- Cancelled

October 21, 2013  Introductory Sleep Course
"General Anesthesia and Altered States of Arousal"

October 28, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
"Repeated chronic sleep deficiency attenuates neurocognitive recovery following an extended sleep opportunity"

November 4, 2013  Sleep Grand Rounds
"The Cognitive Functions of Sleep Across the Lifespan"

November 18, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
"Let’s not sleep on hypertension: Adding New Methods to our Repertoire"

November 18, 2013  Introductory Sleep Course
"The Circadian System Impacts Physiology and Behavior at Multiple Time Scales"

December 2, 2013  Sleep Grand Rounds
"The Biochemical Correlates of Sleep Homeostasis"

December 9, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
SSM: Min Ju Kim

December 9, 2013  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course - Cancelled

December 16, 2013  Seminar/Lecture
"Near Infared Spectroscopy and Neuroimaging"

January 6, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep and Occupational Health and Safety: A Growing Field"

January 13, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep, Sleep Loss, and Performance in Older Adults"

January 27, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
"New Study Presentation: Aging Shiftwork Study"

February 3, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
SSM: Michael Lee

February 3, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Controlling Motor Skill Consolidation: Effects of Sleep vs. Wakefulness"

February 10, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
"Hypothalamic Regulation of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms"

February 19, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
“Value-Based Insurance Design: Analysis of Two Underlying Assumptions”

March 3, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Is the Upper Airway a Starling Resistor? Implication for OSA Pathogenesis & Treatment"

March 10, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
SSM: Kirsi-Marja Zitting, Ph.D.

March 10, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
“Medical Chronobiology”

March 31, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
SSM: Christopher Morris, PhD

April 7, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"ABC’s and ZZZ’s: The Impact of Delaying High School Start Times on Adolescent Health, Safety and Performance"

April 14, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
"Objective and subjective sleep across forced desynchrony protocols"

April 14, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
Pain amplification in response to sleep deficiency: Potential mechanisms

April 28, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
POSTPONED: "The Nightlife of Astrocytes"

May 5, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
"Using dynamic analyses of sleep to explore physiology"

May 12, 2014  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep and Developmental Brain Plasticity"

May 22, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
"Can high homeostatic pressure mask the circadian influence on sleep?"

June 9, 2014  Introductory Sleep Course
"Forebrain Circuits Supporting Wakefulness"

June 23, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
"DRD4 Gene and Human Behavior"

June 30, 2014  Seminar/Lecture
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