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July 18, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
Special SSM Presentation

September 19, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Presentation

September 23, 2011 - September 24, 2011  Introductory Sleep Course
2-Day Course: Update in Pediatric Sleep Disorders

September 26, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"Psychological Considerations in the Selection and Screening of Subjects in Temporal Isolation Studies: A Review"

September 26, 2011  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Children and Sleep Disordered Breathing from the 1970’s to 2011"

October 3, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"Hierarchically Adaptive Hormone Analysis: Extracting Quantitative and Qualitative Features from Frequently Sampled Cortisol Data in Healthy Women"

October 3, 2011  Introductory Sleep Course
"Fractal dynamics in physiology: alterations during sleep and across circadian phases"

October 19, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"The Work, Family, and Health Network studies: Causes and consequences of sleep deficiency and cardiometabolic risk"

October 24, 2011  Introductory Sleep Course
"The Unconscious Brain Under General Anesthesia"

October 31, 2011  Sleep Grand Rounds
Metabolic Oscillations in the Circadian Clockwork

November 7, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"Sleep Duration Required to Restore Performance During Chronic Sleep Restriction"

November 14, 2011  Sleep Grand Rounds
Sleep and Fatigue in Transportation Safety: An NTSB Perspective

November 21, 2011  Sleep Grand Rounds
Recent Advances in Effective Treatment of Insomnia in Older Adults

November 28, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"Light pulses to cause internal circadian desynchrony"

November 29, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"Dichos and Consejos, Ethnic Identity, and Emotion Socialization in Latina Mothers"

December 5, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
"A Genome-wide Association Study of Subjective Sleepiness and Sleep Timing: The CARe Consortium"

December 12, 2011  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Presenation: Akindele Majekodunmi

December 12, 2011  Sleep Grand Rounds
Pathophysiological Phenotypic Traits in Sleep Apnea: Targets for Novel Therapeutic Approaches

January 9, 2012  Sleep Grand Rounds
Causes and Cardiometabolic Consequences of Sleep Deficiency

January 10, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Genetic Analysis of Circadian Clocks in Mammals"

January 18, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Postpartum Jet Lag? Preliminary Evidence for Circadian Phase Shifts Across the Perinatal Period"

January 23, 2012  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course - "A weekend is not enough: results from a sleep restriction experiment"

January 25, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
“Effects of Circadian Rhythms on Epilepsy”

February 6, 2012  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep is For Brain Energy Balance: Purinergic Regulation of Sleep Homeostasis"

February 8, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Possible Mechanisms Underlying Relationships Between Leadership and Employee Health"

February 13, 2012  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep, Memory, and Dreams: The Story Continues"

February 15, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Is the signal the noise? Heavy Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Vascular Risk in Young Adults"

February 20, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
Sleep Epidemiology and Outcomes: Work in Progress Presentation

February 20, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
Sleep Epidemiology and Outcomes: Work in Progress Presentation

February 22, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
“Ethnic Differences in CPAP Usage: A New Zealand Perspective”

February 28, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Is Prolactin Responsible for Sex Differences in the Ability of Restraint Stress to Alter REM Sleep?"

March 5, 2012  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Adolescent Sleep and Circadian Rhythms"

March 6, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"FIGHTING THE CLOCK: How America's Sleep Deficit is Damaging Longterm Health"

March 7, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Cardiovascular consequences from Intermittent Hypoxia: from IH exposure to OSA"

March 12, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Adverse Metabolic Consequences of Sleep Restriction and Circadian Disruption: Latest Updates"

March 21, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Sleep Apnea in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Cause, Consequence, or Red Herring"

March 26, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Are Parental Reports of Children's Sleep Accurate? Validation and Correction Factor for Sleep Measures in Children"

March 28, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
“Prospective study of Restless Legs Syndrome in two ongoing US cohorts”

April 2, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Changes in technology that will affect our neurobehavioral performance systems: Short-term strategies"

April 2, 2012  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course: "Sleep and arousal: insights from zebrafish"

April 9, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"IRB Transition"

April 9, 2012  Sleep Grand Rounds
"An Overview of Results from the American Insomnia Survey"

April 16, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Current and Potential Impact of Smart-Phone Technology in Sleep Medicine"

April 17, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
Sleep Epidemiology and Outcomes: Work in Progress Presentation

April 20, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"The Genetics of Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Work from Australia"

April 23, 2012  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course: "Epidemiology of Sleep Disorders In Children and Adults"

April 25, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
The Innovator's Prescription: How the Theory of Disruption Applies to the Health Care Industry

April 30, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Presentation

May 7, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Arousal State Feedback as a Potential Physiological Generator of the Ultradian REM/NREM Sleep Cycle"

May 7, 2012  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Circadian Regulation of Sleep: Bow to the Master"

May 9, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
“Neuro-developmental Disorder in Attention and Sleep”

May 14, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Sleep Health Disparities: Opportunities to Improve the Health of the Community"

May 14, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Presentation

May 14, 2012  Introductory Sleep Course
"Importance of the internal circadian system to human disease"

May 25, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
Investigating Sleep in Real Life and in Many People: From Epidemiology to Measurements

June 4, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Exploring the Fine Temporal Structure of Physiological Data Through Phase-Amplitude Coupling"

June 4, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Presentation

June 4, 2012  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep Loss and Type 2 Diabetes"

June 5, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
"Genetic and Molecular Characterization of Circadian, Sleep, and Related Phenotypes in Human Families"

June 14, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
Special SSM Presentation

June 14, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
“Are We Really Sleeping Less? Long-Term International Data on Sleep Duration”

June 18, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
CANCELLED: Special SSM Presentation

June 25, 2012  Seminar/Lecture
SSM Presentation

June 25, 2012  Introductory Sleep Course
Introductory Sleep Course: "Human Circadian Photoreception"

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