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July 30, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
Postponed: "Exercise: A countermeasure for sleep loss in older adults"

August 1, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep, sleep apnea and dementia: Helping Grandma sleep"

August 15, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
"Sleep Disordered Breathing in children - lessons from the Tucson Childrens Assessment of Sleep Apnea Study (TuCASA)"

August 18, 2008 - August 21, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Seventh Healthcare Quality Colloquium at Harvard University

September 15, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Cardiovascular and metabolic control by the circadian timing system: Implications for health"

September 17, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Neurology Grand Rounds: "Sleep co-morbidities associated with neurological disorders in children"

September 26, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Medical Grand Rounds: "The Hazards of Residents’ Traditional 24-hour Shifts: Achieving Evidence-Based Schedule Improvements"

September 29, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep deprivation, circadian misalignment, and safety: implications in hospitals"

October 6, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Neuronal substrates of the ascending arousal system: new insights into the nodes and networks supporting neurobehavioral and electrographic arousal"

October 15, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Neurophysiology Seminar: "Logical Thinking and Emotional Reactivity in REM and Stage 2 Sleep"

October 27, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Role of circadian rhythmicity in sleep-wake timing in humans"

November 10, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Molecular correlates of sleep loss"

November 12, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Neurophysiology Seminar: "Dreams and Intentionality"

November 20, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Cardiology Grand Rounds: "Sleep Disorders and Their Impact on Male Susceptibility to Heart Disease”

November 21, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Cardiology Grand Rounds: "Sleep Apnea and Cardiac Arrhythmias: Cause or Consequence"

November 24, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Hypothalamic regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms"

December 3, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Neurophysiology Seminar: "Dreams in the History of Modern Philosophy"

December 4, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"The Impact of Sleep Apnea and Intermittent Hypoxia on Glucose Regulation and Pancreatic Beta Cell Function"

December 8, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Restless Legs Syndrome: update on diagnosis and pathophysiology" - special mini symposium

December 15, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Cardiovascular and metabolic complications of sleep disorders"

January 12, 2009  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep in Space: the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and Beyond"

January 21, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
Neurophysiology Seminar: "Electrographic, Neurochemical, and Behavioral Measures of Sleepiness"

January 26, 2009  Introductory Sleep Course
"Neurobiology of Narcolepsy"

February 3, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"OPRC Peer Mentor Program and Open House: Connecting New Postdocs and Senior Postdocs"

February 5, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"Dual Career Couples: How do they do it?"

February 9, 2009  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Modeling the Causes of Sleep Apnea in Individual Patients"

February 12, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"The New HMS/HSDM CV: Recognizing the Diversity of Faculty Achievements"

February 23, 2009  Introductory Sleep Course
"Effects of photic and non-photic stimuli on human circadian rhythms"

February 27, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
Demystifying Promotions 2009: Instructor to Assistant Professor

March 3, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
Powerful Presentations: Delivering Presentations with Impact

March 3, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"Cold Chemistry: Handling Conflicts with Your Colleagues"

March 9, 2009  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep Regulation in Animals: EEG and Behavior"

March 30, 2009  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep loss and inflammation"

March 30, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
Demystifying Promotions 2009: Assistant to Associate Professor

April 6, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
Case Studies: Postdoc Issues

April 6, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"Sleep, Memory and Dreams: A Neurocognitive Approach"

April 13, 2009  Sleep Grand Rounds
"The Total Societal Burden of Sleep Apnea: New Evidence and Trends"

April 15, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"Neural circuitry underlying the inducible methamphetamine sensitive circadian oscillator"

April 27, 2009  Introductory Sleep Course
"Role of EEG slow-wave-activity in the regulation of sleep and the restoration of waking functions"

April 29, 2009  Seminar/Lecture
"The role of sleep in memory consolidation in humans & mice"

May 11, 2009  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep, Light and the Human Circadian Pacemaker"

May 18, 2009  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep and memory: beyond consolidation"

June 3, 2009  Sleep Grand Rounds
Special Presentation of Sleep Grand Rounds

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