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September 10, 2007  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep fragmentation impairs breathing control via adenosine A1 receptors"

September 17, 2007  Introductory Sleep Course
"Hypothalamic Regulation of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms"

September 17, 2007  Seminar/Lecture
Characterization of activity in the primary somatosensory cortex during active behavior and sleep.

October 15, 2007  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Ionic mechanisms of electrical pacemaking in suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons"

October 22, 2007  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Aging"

November 19, 2007  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep and loss of consciousness under general anesthesia"

November 26, 2007  Introductory Sleep Course
"Effects of Sleep Loss on Inflammation in Healthy Individuals"

December 10, 2007  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Functional genomic approaches to sleep and its disorders"

December 17, 2007  Introductory Sleep Course
"Metabolic and cardiovascular consequences of sleep disorders"

December 19, 2007  Seminar/Lecture
Neurology Grand Rounds: Patient Who Found Me on the Internet: 'Doc, I've got an upside-down clock'

December 21, 2007  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Studying human daily behavior... in culture"

January 7, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Sleep and its disorders: insights from zebrafish"

January 7, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
SGR Journal Club meeting

January 14, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
CANCELLED: "Shifting the 'On-Call' Paradigm: Translating Sleep and Safety Science into Practice"

January 31, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"PER3 – clock gene or sleep gene?"

February 11, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Reduced sleep duration and quality: impact on risk of obesity and diabetes

February 11, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
SGR Journal Club meeting

February 25, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"The Circadian, Neuroendocrine and Neurobehavioral Effects of Light"

February 26, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
CIMIT Forum: "The Science of Sleep"

February 29, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
HMS/HSDM PDA Presents - Biotech/Pharma Career Panel Discussion

March 3, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
"Balancing Family and Career"

March 3, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"CO2 homeostasis, breathing automaticity and sleep"

March 7, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Medical Grand Rounds: "Sleep Medicine, Patient Safety and Medical Ethics: Balancing Perspectives on Work Hours in Graduate Medical Education"

March 7, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
"Getting Into Print"

March 10, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
"Powerful Presentations: Delivering Presentations with Impact"

March 12, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Tax Seminar for International Postdocs

March 17, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Pediatric sleep apnea: divergent phenotypes and potential implications"

March 17, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
A Consent Writers Workshop: "Plain Language and Informed Consent"

March 17, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
SGR Journal Club meeting

March 24, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Neurobiology of Narcolepsy"

March 31, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
"Reviewing Manuscripts" Seminar

April 10, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
"How to Give a Talk" Seminar

April 14, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Photic and thermal synchronization of Drosophila circadian behavior"

April 14, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
SGR Journal Club meeting

April 23, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Neurology Grand Rounds: "Probing the Genetic and Molecular Biology of Human Circadian Rhythms"

April 28, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Role of EEG slow-wave activity in sleep regulation and learning"

April 30, 2008  Seminar/Lecture
Endocrine Grand Rounds: "Sleep Disorders in Endocrine Disease"

May 12, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
"Evaluation of a yoga treatment for chronic insomnia"

May 12, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
SGR Journal Club meeting

May 19, 2008  Introductory Sleep Course
"Sleep, Memory, and Dreams: Beyond Consolidation"

June 4, 2008  Sleep Grand Rounds
Farrell Prize & Lectureship in Sleep Medicine: a special session of Sleep Grand Rounds

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