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Sleep Events at Harvard and Beyond: Sleep Community Event

Sleep! (A CME Opportunity for Physicians)

May 2, 2016 - May 4, 2016

Sleep! is an annual CME course in sleep medicine. This course is directed by Dr. Milena Pavlova, with co-director Dr. Sandra Horowitz.  The course is designed to provide in-depth overview of sleep physiology, major sleep disorders, and relationship of sleep to other disorders.  The course faculty is selected among sleep experts from several Harvard – affiliated hospitals with superb national and international reputation, including Dr. Martin A Samuels, Charles A Czeisler, Susan Redline and many others. The target audience is primarily clinicians (neurologists, psychiatrists, internists) who want to expand their knowledge about sleep.  Sleep specialists who are interested in updating or refreshing their knowledge are welcome. Register for 2016 Sleep! here.

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