Faculty Committees of the Training Program

The Faculty of the Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology form several committees. The Program Director, Charles A. Czeisler, PhD, MD, is chair of the Education and Training Committee, consisting of all preceptors who assist in the administration of the Training Program. The Education and Training Committee meets at least twice annually to review reports on the work and progress of four standing sub-committees: Trainee Selection, Curriculum Development, Minority Recruitment and Tracking and Evaluation. These four sub-committees have the following responsibilities:

Trainee Selection Sub-committee
Prepare and distribute advertisements announcing the training opportunities available; update Training Program’s online information; establish links to the Training Program web site on appropriate sleep and circadian rhythm sites; update brochures describing the research opportunities in the Training Program; update application materials for trainee applicants; review applications submitted; identify candidates selected for interview, based on written application; interview each appropriate candidate; develop and present trainee selection recommendations to overall Education and Training Committee.

Chair: Thomas E. Scammell, MD
Members: Patrick M. Fuller, PhDElizabeth B. Klerman, MD, PhD; Christopher P. Landrigan, MPH, MD; Dara Manoach, PhD, Susan Redline, MD, MPH; Clifford B. Saper, MD, PhD; Alexander F. Schier, PhD
Ex-officio: Charles A. Czeisler, PhD, MD

Curriculum Development Sub-committee
Serve as independent advisor to each incoming trainee; develop and make recommendations regarding appropriate laboratory placement of trainees; review core requirements annually; review elective courses annually; develop and present recommendations regarding curriculum development; update application materials for preceptor applicants, including prior training record; evaluate all potential preceptor candidates; develop and present preceptor selection recommendations to overall Education and Training Committee; develop evaluation tools for trainees and preceptors. Notably, a non-voting trainee representative attends meetings of this sub-committee as a means of formal communication between preceptors and trainees.

Chair: Robert Stickgold, PhD
Members: Radhika Basheer, PhD; Nancy Chamberlain, PhD, Monika Haack, PhD; Takao Hensch, PhD, Stefanos N. Kales MD; Steven W. Lockley, PhD; Kun Hu, PhD; Frank A.J.L. Scheer, PhD, John W. Wilkelman, MD, PhD

Minority Recruitment Sub-committee
Update plan for recruitment of minority applicants; disseminate information to preceptors regarding programs for recruitment and support of minority candidates; update outreach programs to the minority community; implement minority recruitment plan; assist preceptors in the recruitment of minority candidates.

Chair: Janet Mullington, PhD
Member: Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD; Jeanne F. Duffy, MBA, PhD; D. Andrew Wellman, MD

Tracking and Evaluation Sub-committee
Track career outcomes of current and prior trainees; evaluate the program's success based on feedback from current and prior trainees, and objective data on career outcomes of former trainees; determine whether and what changes would be likely to improve program performance and trainee career outcomes. Maintain data on a yearly basis and provide data for the annual Progress Report; track, anonymously, the success of the program in recruiting trainees with physical or mental handicaps and from underprivileged backgrounds, in accordance with the newly expanded requirements of the NIH. A non-voting trainee representative attends meetings of this sub-committee as a means of formal communication between preceptors and trainees.

Chair: Robert E. Strecker PhD
Members: Orfeu M. Buxton, PhD; Michael Do, PhDJun Lu, MD, PhD; PhD; Richa Saxena, PhD

In addition to the internal committees, an External Advisory Committee includes eminent researchers whose expertise embrace all aspects of our training in sleep, circadian and respiratory physiology. This committee visits at least once every five years to oversee our Program, meeting with both faculty members and trainees, and offering evaluation and advice as needed. Their reports comprise a critique of the Training Program and recommendations for improvement.

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