Research Units Guidelines

“Research Unit” describes an organized cluster of research, as opposed to one grant or one person’s work, and therefore includes more than one Faculty member engaged in sustained research collaboration (through multiple research projects). A Research Unit must be recognized as a unit by the Department Chair [or Division Chief] under which it falls administratively.

Any HMS Division of Sleep Medicine-Affiliated Faculty member who directs a Research Unit (or their designee) may submit a request for a Research Unit webpage. Research Units will be listed on this website (see Research Units), and individual Research Unit web pages will be linked to their corresponding faculty and trainee Profile Pages.

To request that a new Research Unit be listed on this website, complete the Research Unit Request Form (doc 41kb) and return it to the Division of Sleep Medicine. One member of the Research Unit should be designated as responsible for updates, and that person should keep a copy of the completed request form on file.

All new Research Unit Webpage requests must be accompanied by a letter or email from the responsible Department Chair [or Division Chief], confirming their formal acknowledgement of this Research Unit. Acknowledgements obtained simultaneously for multiple units (to ease administrative burden) are encouraged.

For additional information, please see the Content Submission Guidelines for this website.

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