Content Submission Guidelines

If you are an HMS Division of Sleep Medicine affiliated faculty member or trainee, and would like to submit content for posting on this website, please read carefully the relevant instructions below.

When you are ready to submit content, please use the contact form, or if you are sending attachments, please forward to

Content Submission
JOBS: Posting Job Opportunities and Faculty Searches
PROFILES: Making the most of your Profile page (or creating a new profile)
RESEARCH UNITS: Creating and updating your Research Unit page
TRAINING: Adding or Updating Training Programs and Courses
RESOURCES: Resources for the Harvard Sleep community and visitors
NEWS: Posting News and Announcements (publications, press releases and news coverage)
CALENDAR: Posting Calendar and Events items (lab events, lectures and other activities)

Division of Sleep Medicine Faculty and Trainees may submit notices of Job Opportunities to be posted on this page to, or using the contact form. These postings will be searchable, and individual job postings can also be linked from email or external websites. 

All job postings must follow the guidelines of the originating institution for the contents of the description, contacts, and necessary disclaimers. In addition, job postings should include the posting date, and the expiration date of the posting. The HMS Division of Sleep Medicine is not responsible for obtaining or monitoring the status of these notices.

All Faculty and Trainees affiliated with the HMS Division of Sleep Medicine are encouraged to submit and update regularly the content in their Profile Page on this website. A consistent format is maintained for Profile Pages, as reflected by the "Update my Profile" template. However, flexibility remains and a certain amount of creativity is invited.

All Profiles have a field for a photo, which we encourage you to send. Other images may also be included in the profile. Please send all images as Photoshop-editable .jpg or similar files and indicate where in your profile you would like them to appear.

Descriptions of research activities may be brief or detailed. We request that you do not include unpublished data to post in detail on this site.

Publications to be listed on your Profile Page must be complete citations, beginning with the most recent, as is customary CV format. If possible, please also provide PMID numbers with each citation. A straightforward method for providing citations with PMID's is to search for oneself on PubMed and copy your selected publication list into a text file, or into the "Update my Profile" template.

Research Units
“Research Unit” describes an organized cluster of research, as opposed to one grant or one person’s work, and therefore includes more than one Faculty member engaged in sustained research collaboration (through multiple research projects). A Research Unit must be recognized as a unit by the Department Chair [or Division Chief] under which it falls administratively.

Any HMS Division of Sleep Medicine-Affiliated Faculty member who directs a Research Unit (or their designee) may submit a request for a Research Unit webpage. Research Units will be listed on this website (see Research Units), and individual Research Unit web pages will be linked to their corresponding faculty and trainee Profile Pages.

To request that a new Research Unit be listed on this website, complete the Research Unit Request Form (doc 41kb) and return it to the Division of Sleep Medicine (email: One member of the Research Unit should be designated as responsible for updates, and that person should keep a copy of the completed request form on file.

Education and Training
Listings of and links to additional clinical and research training opportunities related to sleep or circadian biology at Harvard or an affiliated institution are welcomed, and will be added to the Education and Training section of this site. To add a training program, lecture activity or other training opportunity to this site, please forward a description and any relevant links or downloadable materials to, or use the contact form.

Additional resources, including links, maps, downloadable files, instructions, contact information, guidelines, or any other resource that would serve the sleep community at Harvard, are welcomed, and will be added on request to the Resources section of this site. To submit a resource, please forward a description and any relevant links or downloadable materials to

News and Announcements
All Faculty and Trainees are encouraged to submit news items and announcements to, or using the contact form, for posting on this website. Some of these will be featured on our homepage, and all will be posted in the News and Announcements section of this website.

Calendar and Events
Any event relevant to some significant portion of the Harvard sleep community may be submitted for listing in the Calendar and Events section of this website. This may include regular scientific meetings, one-time lectures or lecture series, or other events that members of the Harvard Sleep Community might benefit from attending.

To submit new or updated Calendar information, please use the contact form; or, if you are sending attachments, please forward to

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